Adam Mickiewicz 6th Upper Secondary School in Krakow

We are a mainstream 6th Upper Secondary School offering full-time education for students aged 16-19. For many years our school has specialised in teaching foreign languages. Excellent examination results, also in other subjects, rank the school among the best in Krakow.

Students at our school have a unique opportunity to study subjects (such as Science and History) in bilingual Spanish or English. They can also follow foreign language courses (in French, German, Italian, Russian) at foundation or higher levels. In addition to standard courses in all school subjects, we also offer extended programmes in Science and History.

The school is one of the oldest in Krakow and dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.  Having relocated several times during its long history, the school has been in the current site in Kazimierz, the old Jewish district in Krakow, for many years. The school building, erected between 1905-1910, was designed by Jan Zawiejski, an architect whose other projects include many splendid buildings not only in Krakow (e.g. the Słowacki Theatre), but also in  Lvov, Vienna, Berlin and Munich. Before the war, the building was home to a Jewish school and later, during the Nazi occupation, the it served as 'a temporary work camp' for prisoners.

The name of the school also changed frequently over the years, but has now reverted to its original name honouring Adam Mickiewicz, one of Poland's greatest Romantic poets. The school motto is in fact a quotation from one of Mickiewicz's best-known poems 'Ode to Youth' : 'Youth! Up and over the horizons rise'.

Since the 1960s the school has been recognised by UNESCO and commended as 'a leading school'.

Our students feel European, and visits to foreign countries prove very popular. Each year we cooperate with foreign schools and organisations to provide our students and teachers with invaluable experiences and opportunities to broaden their knowledge about the world. For more information on our foreign trips and student exchange, click on 'student exchanges'.