English has been taught in our school for many years and the level of proficiency of our students is improving each year, with many of them reaching C2 level. Our dedicated teachers organise numerous school events, such as the "Christmas Party" with a nativity play performed in the English language and a concert of Christmas carols. February brings us a Valentine concert of songs in English and other languages. Every year we also hold various subject knowledge contests such as The Competitions of General Knowledge about Great Britain, London or the USA. This year we are launching new competitions of Public Speaking, Best Short Story and British Female Artist. Our students are also very successful in the English Language Olympiad.

Part of our tradition is long-term cooperation with Danish schools, with whom we organise student exchange programmes. Last year we also started partnering with schools in Israel, which proved very successful.

This academic year our department is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of bilingual classes in our school. Currently we are the only upper secondary school in Krakow, where you can attend a bilingual English class.

Our English Department is currently looking for schools from English speaking countries that would like to cooperate with us and organise student exchanges. If you are interested in finding out more, please CONTACT US.