`The Memorable One`

Our trip to London


 Recently some students from our school have taken part in a trip to London - the capital of  Great Britain. We started our journey on 19th March. During our trip we were watching movies (in English, of course) and that made this trip a bit nicer and quite interesting.

On our first day in London we visited the attractions of the City of London such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Even though it was our first day, we didn’t end our sightseeing that fast. After a short break for lunch we went to the Science Museum. It has 3 levels of special exhibitions, simulators and interactive gaming. What made the biggest impression on our students was the exhibitions called “Who Am I?” and “Exploring Space”. Both of them were incredibly interesting and fascinating.

Tuesday the 21th March gave us a lot of amazing and incredible information about the Royal Family! On that day we explored Windsor Castle - the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. As we got to know, it has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. When we talk about Windsor, we cannot forget  St George’s Chapel, which is one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in England. Apart from the Chapel, the students enjoyed Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House - a perfect replica in miniature of an aristocratic home. That day was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the trip and it was only the beginning.

Wednesday was a bit more casual than the other days. In the morning we saw the famous prime meridian in The Royal Observatory Greenwich. Then we went to Cambridge, a university city renowned all around the world. We explored Pembroke College, Mathematical Bridge and many more. The city was rather a quiet and peaceful place considering noisy and lively London. Students admired a picturesque market and climatic narrow alleys. However, the greatest interest was focused on iconic jumpers with the logo of Cambridge University. Well, as a word of justification we have to say that they were really pleasant.

Thursday was a “London day”. From the early morning till late midnight we visited almost ten places like the London Eye, Downing Street, St.James’ Park, Buckingham Palace and the National Gallery where we admired a famous Van Gogh’s painting - “Sunflowers”. We also paid a short visit to the Chinese district. Students as well as teachers ate delicious, oriental food there. Nevertheless, the trip to London would not have been completed without tasting an iconic dish – “fish and chips”. Regardless of saltish and chunky aftertaste, we all ate it with delightful smiles on our faces.

Late in the evening we got on to our coach and started a long journey back home. Unfortunately, all the tours have to end someday, even the most interesting, unique ones like the one we had. I think that we can call this trip memorable and I hope that we will get another chance in the future to visit London again and again. “(…) when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”- There is no deny.

Moreover, I would like to say thank you to our teachers and the tour guide. Thanks to them the atmosphere was extremely nice and pleasant.

 Natalia Czyszczoń kl. 1a1

March 2016


March was a very busy and successful month for all our most gifted students, who took part in all sorts of competitions, contests and olympiads:

Marta Stryjniak came 1st in the Know America Competiton.

Krystian Latos became a laureate in the Regional Chemistry Competition organised by the Jagiellonian University, which won him a guaranteed place at the Science faculty.

Weronika Młódzik was a finalist of the National Competition of the Italian Language.


Dawid Wincenciak is our laureate of the National Competition for the Best Film Review 'Skrytykuj'


Gabriela Czajka, Karolina Kwietniowska and Szymon Bukowski were in the top group of 36 best students at the Spanish Language Olympiad. Not only did they prove their excellent knowledge of the language but also Spanish culture and geography of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Karolina Mieszaniec and Julia Stawiarz became finalists in the National Competition of the Knowledge of Psychology


Weronika Tupaj became a laureate and

Kalina Dębska a finalist of the Olympiad of the Polish Language and Literature.

Thank you all for representing our School and congratulations!!!!!