Academic Year 2013/2014


Olympiads, Olympiads...

If you are passionate about a particular subject and you think you know everything about it, you must take part in one of the subject Olympiads. Make sure you ask your teacher for more details. There are plenty of options to choose from: Art, Chemistry, Physics, German, History, Mathematical Linguistics. You may also want to try yourself at a Dictation Competition in English.

Everyone will find something for themselves.


Adam Mickiewicz competition

It has become an annual tradition to organise Mickiewicz competitions in our School. This year you can submit your work in an Art or Poetry category. Your ideas and creativity will definitely be appreciated by the jury – whether you produce a poster, a sculpture or a poem of your own. Remember that your work needs to be based on the original by Adam Mickiewicz.

If you are a Year 0 or Year 1 student and are interested in taking part, please contact your Polish teacher for more details.


UNESCO International Literacy Day

8th of September is a National Literacy Day established by UNESCO. In our school students have discussed the importance of education and literacy for citizens of all countries. We played literacy games in our English classes and created new versions of old folk tales. It was fun and made us realise how important the ability to read and write is, something that we tend to take for granted, but may be an unachievable goal for others.



Back to School!

 The summer is coming to an end soon and so the school year is due to begin. We hope all our students have had enough rest and are now full of energy and passion to start another year at our School. The teachers are all waiting for you in their classrooms.

 Enjoy every minute of it!



May is the month of graduation exams for our year 3 students. The results will have a direct influence on the chances of getting into their chosen universities in the near future. Fingers crossed for all of you!!!


MY KRAKOW – competition

All our students who are interested or in love with our beautiful city, have recently been invited to take part in a competition testing their knowledge about Krakow. Out of 53 contestants 8 provided 100% correct answers about Krakow photographs.

Below are some of the photographs included in the competition. For more, click HERE





Between 2-11 April our students spent a wonderful time in France during a student exchange programme. If you wish to take a look at what we did, click the link below:



Our school theatre, Proscenium has yet again taken part in the final of the Youth Theatrical Presentation Show titled 'The Theatre of my Dreams.' The aim of the event is to enable young artists to present their own theatrical achievements. Proscenium, directed by Ms Marlena Maciejewska, has received an accolade for the spectacular show: 'We don't want to run away from here.'



As usual, this year we organised an Open Day for our prospective students. The event, which took place on 12th April, was an opportunity for candidates to obtain lots of information about our school – including the classes planned for the next school year, as well as a chance to meet our teachers and students. We also organised a volleyball match, poetic show, science experiments, quizzes and a small concert. The event turned out to be very popular!


Justyna Maciarz became a laureate of the Science Competition organised by the Science Faculty of the Jagiellonian University.

Bartłomiej Janiczak became a laureate of the 12th Mathematical Linguistics Olympiad.

Jacek Litewka won the 1st prize in Małopolska competition about the knowledge about Italy, organised by Modern Languages Faculty of the Pedagogical University in Krakow.

Dominik Setlak won the 2nd prize in the 12th Krakow Recitation Competition



 On 25th March our school was visited by dr Wacław Mirek, a track and field coach, who proved to us that jogging is a type of exercise which can be done everywhere, at any time, by everyone. Dr Mirek explained that, even to those of us who avoid physical exercise by all means, jogging can be fun and turns out beneficial for our body and mind. Jogging is in!



   On the 25th March our students had a chance to meet two Harvard graduates who came to share the stories of their journeys to and through the Harvard University. Some of our students are keen to undertake this type of studying abroad. If you would like to find out more, you can visit:



Poetry Recitation Contest – 27.02.2014

          In February our students took part in the school stage of the Krakow Recitation Contest. Teachers of Polish chose the best young recitation enthusiasts who will now be representing our school in the next level of the competition. Well done!


The International Day of Native Language

            The International Day of Native Language is an annual celebration taking place in February. The first one was organised in 1999 with the view of promoting language diversity, which is seen as part of our cultural heritage. On this day we pay special attention to our national literature, which is a great treasury of Polish language. The Day of Native Language is especially important for Krakow, which in 2013 was awarded the title of City of Literature amongst the UNESCO Creative Cities.

            Our school is one of the oldest secondary schools in Krakow, achieving one of the highest sets of Polish Matura graduation results in the whole of the Małopolska region. Therefore, we always want to celebrate the Native Language Day with special significance. We regard it as a great opportunity to discuss the importance of the Polish language, it's role in today's world and the place of language and literature in modern Polish life.


            The celebrations were well attended by students of our school, but also local lower secondary schools. The teachers of 6th Upper Secondary, and graduates who are currently studying Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University gave interesting lectures on language and communication issues.


            The Day of the Native Language was organised under the patronage of the President of Krakow.


The Photo Montage Contest 2014 decided

            The first stage of the Photo Montage Contest, organised by the Education Office of the Spanish Ambassador, has already been completed. Zuzanna Omacka from Year 1 Spanish class was awarded a double prize for two of her works. She will now be taking part in the international stage. Congratulations!





SCRABBLE in German

             On 29th January our school hosted the final stage of the 3rd Inter-school German Scrabble Contest. Twelve teams reached the final out of 200 pupils from local secondary schools. Lower Secondary School no. 1 from Krakow won the main prize of a free German language course at the Austrian Institute in Krakow.

 School Day 18.12.2013

 In December we celebrated the 111th anniversary of our School. All students and teachers joined the festivities at the local cinema with talented young artists performing on stage. We watched a play directed by Ms Maciejewska, based on the great works of Adam Mickiewicz, the patron of our School. Many of our students showed their talents and passions for music, theatre, dance and ballet. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us. If you would like to get an idea of what the day was like, why not visit our gallery:

 click here


French Days 11-12.12.2013

             December brought an opportunity to practice French in unusual settings. First of all Jean-Pierre Darcell, a lecturer from the faculty of Romanesque Philology of the Jagiellonian University, ran a workshop on Normandy and finished it with a piece played on a hurdy gurdy, an instrument which made us listen with bated breath. The following day, our school organised an evening 'at the French café' – the Proscenium dramatics team alongside teachers, students and guests enjoyed the atmosphere of Paris recreated on our school stage. All parts were played in French!



 Voluntary Christmas work 2013

             This year for the third time our school took part in the Noble Box Project, which provides help and support to struggling families during Christmas time. We managed to fill up 25 boxes with many necessary basics, which were then sent to the chosen family with three children. But we collected enough to provide much more than just winter clothes for them – we bought toys, stationery, even an oven, which was the greatest surprise for the whole family.

            Our Year 3 students coordinated the whole project within our school, and cooperated with the voluntary worker from the Head Office of the Noble Box Project. We will definitely get involved in the undertaking next year!



Global Enterprise Week 18-24.11.2013


            Global Enterprise Week is an international initiative promoting entrepreneurship and creativity amongst young people. It was started in 2008 in the UK; Poland has been actively taking part in it from the early days. Every year young people get the opportunity to meet with successful business people, who want to share their knowledge and experiences.


            Our Year 1 students took part in a lecture titled 'Enterprise in a nutshell' which was organised by The Krakow Tischner European University. They also had a chance to meet real entrepreneurs, who became successful, although the beginnings were not easy. The workshop titled 'Your own business – why are others successful?' was organised by Krakow University of Economics.