A visit to the National Bank of Poland

On Friday, February 2nd, my class and I visited the National Bank of Poland in Cracow. We attended a meeting during which we learnt about electronic banking. We found out about the dangers that come with it and how important it is to have a strong password to avoid potential hackers. The speaker, a policeman, told us about many cases where people lost huge amounts of money due to logging in on unsafe websites or from phishing of e-mails or texts. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to showing us how to identify fake banknotes. We talked about all the intricate details on each note that help with distinguishing it from a counterfeit. Thanks to this meeting we now know how to securely use the internet in order to do our banking and how to prevent and deal with any risks connected to it.

Mariel Dominguez-Żyrek, 2m2