Exchange with Spain

2019/2020 school year


Spanish language course in Salamanca – 5.10-12.10.2019

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On October 5 this year, we set off for a Spanish language course in Spain, to Salamanca itself, a city included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and a city that boasts the oldest university in Spain.

We were a large, 29-person representation of our school, from 11 grades, both second and third. At 8.30 p.m. we took off from the airport in Balice to arrive in Madrid around midnight, from where we traveled by coach to Salamanca. There, families with whom we stayed for the whole week of our stay were waiting for us. We spent the first day on a trip to Segovia – a city famous for its perfectly preserved aqueduct from Roman times and the beautiful royal castle, El Alcázar de Segovia. We stopped for a while next to the town of Ávila, where we were able to enjoy a wonderful view of this medieval city.

On Monday morning, classes at the MESTER Spanish language school began. We had grammar classes and conversation time each day. We had several teachers, all of them speaking only Spanish to us. In the afternoon, there were other activities in Spanish – a lecture on the history and art of Spain, a city tour – including numerous museums, a salsa course, a culinary lesson and a city game. It was a really wonderful week, full of learning and fun in true Spanish style! We would like to thank the teachers for their perfect organization and the Mester school for the nice reception.

Szymon Jarosz 2e


Krakow-Zaragoza exchange 2019

Krakow-Zaragoza exchange 2019


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The end of the holidays as much as the beginning of September, did not only mean the return to school reality. What we most looked forward to was the arrival of our Spanish friends, to whom we really wanted to show the hospitality of the Poles and the beauty of our city.

The first attraction that awaited them was the visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which impressed them greatly with its history and size.
Our Spanish companions each day of their stay in Krakow, knew more about Polish history, culture and customs. They visited the most prominent monuments such as Wawel, Sukiennice or Barbakan.
They also knew the saddest and most tragic part of history, by visiting the Schindler Factory Museum. They were very impressed to see the Auschwitz concentration camp with their own eyes, which despite not being something easy and pleasant, it was essential to see and know.
We tried very hard to make every moment of your time in Poland fun and special. After the morning visits to the city, many attractions awaited them, such as fun in a trampoline park, boat trip on the Vistula river etc.

We hope that the friendships made during the exchange will survive and one day we will meet again. Both the stay in Spain and Poland have been a unique and unforgettable experience and I would recommend it for sure.

Text: Urszula Gonciarczyk, 3H

2018/2019 school year


When at dawn we were waiting at the airport, we were still not aware of the incredible and unforgettable adventure that would await us and which we would remember forever. Last kisses and hugs goodbye with the parents and we were ready for the flight, which was going to begin our trip to the capital of Aragon-Zaragoza, the city located on the banks of the Ebro river, known for the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. With a thousand thoughts and expectations we walked the way to the first meeting with our host families in whose homes we were going to spend the following week. All the anxiety we had at the idea of ​​actually meeting our correspondents, disappeared with the first smile we saw on their faces.

The time of our stay in Zaragoza passed very quickly in the morning visits of the city, afternoons with our Spanish friends and family dinners at night. Eating churros with chocolate, attending classes at school, walking through the streets bathed in the sun of Aragon, we felt more and more part of their daily life.

One cannot also forget the linguistic benefits that the exchange with the Sagrado Corazón school allowed us to obtain.

The exchange turned into an unforgettable adventure and experience and we are sure that the memories will remain in our hearts forever. Now we want to thank the effort and affection of the families for welcoming us and showing the beauty of our country to the Spanish in September

text: Urszula Gonciarczyk, 2 h

Spanish language lovers visiting Andalusia


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Andalusia is a region of Spain known for flamenco, good food, siesta and sun. The Mediterranean climate is conducive to studying in a quiet rhythm, without unnecessary stress, rush and breaks, contemplating art and the local nature. The Spanish language school, which was attended by a group of twenty VILO students, is called “La playa” and, as the name suggests,
located right on the beach. Each student, as soon as they get tired of studying, looking up from the book, will encounter the soothing blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The promise of spending an afternoon at the beach will seem tempting, and at the same time encourage you to complete the ser and estar exercises, which will suddenly stop being so scary.

The food, prepared especially for us in a nearby chiringuito, tastes delicious, even though not everyone likes jamón serrano or vegetable salad. The waiter serves us with great attention, and the chef checks if everything suits us. Always smiling and polite, they wait for us with lunch and dinner at a long table, set especially for us, at which we feast, just like real Spaniards. An additional attraction during meals is that
that everyone can test their skills by ordering dishes and drinks in Spanish.

We not only learn, eat and rest, but also visit. Malaga is a port city with huge ships that we admire every day. The Betitz Mountains on one side, the Mediterranean Sea on the other, and the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle rise above the city. We contemplate a landscape bathed in sunlight. At the foot of the castle we find the ruins of the Roman Theater. We walk the streets discovering squares, churches and museums. One thing was of particular interest to us.
It was in this city that the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born. We watch his works collected
in a beautiful typical Andalusian house with patio. We also enter a huge cathedral where a choir concert is currently taking place. Delighted with what we hear and see, we stay there for a long time. After the spiritual digestion, it’s time for a meal. We eat dinner in a typical tapas bar.

The highlight of the program is a visit to Granada and a visit to the famous Alhambra, a stronghold of the Moorish caliphs. This extraordinary building and its history captivate us. We breathe the atmosphere of this enchanted place and take thousands of photos.

We also visit the town of Rincón de la Victoria, where the Cueva del Tesoro Cave of Treasures is located. It is the only known cave in Europe (and one of three in the world) that was entirely created under water. We get there on foot, along the seaside promenade in full sun.

At the end of the course, we receive diplomas confirming the improvement of the Spanish language. Our Spanish teachers send kind words to us and give us lots of compliments about our commitment in the lessons, interest in the topics covered and the rapid pace of learning. It remains to believe that we will also be appreciated after our return

The trip took place on September 29 – October 6, 2018 and will stay for a long time
in our memories

Edyta Buksa, Julia Stolarska, Ewa Łapińska, Katarzyna Bukowska, Anna Cieśla, Natalia Styczeń, Liwia Kapelko, Antonii Szkółka, Zuzanna Ślęzok, Michał Rutkowski, Olaf Krejcza, Jan Porębski, Olga Jeleń, Maria Półtorak, Damian Pelc, Szymon Mazgaj, Iwo Kwieciński , Aleksandra Kowalska, Natalia Czyszczoń, Kornelia Susz and Anna Kwiecińska – Chmiel and Małgorzata Dorosz

2017/2018 school year

Seville has a special color

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On 6-13.06.2018, students from class 1h and 2i improved their language skills during a course at the Carlos V school in Seville. It was seven very intense days: classes at school, flamenco workshops and kilometers long walks around beautiful Seville and Cordoba. But there was also time for siesta in the hammock or in the jacuzzi on the terrace, there was delicious Mediterranean food and Andalusian chill.

VILO students on a language course in Salamanca, September 18-25, 2017.

Intensive language learning, dance and gastronomic workshops, tasting Spanish tapas, visiting the monuments of Salamanca and other Castile cities, a visit to Madrid – all during the next stay of VILO students at the Mester Academy.

All this, combined with the hot sun, cloudless skies and the unique ambiente of Salamanca, is a perfect recipe for a successful start to the school year.

2016/2017 school year

Exchange with Zaragoza


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In the second week of September this year, we hosted at our school a group of young people from Zaragoza, from the “Sagrado Corazón” school.

As part of the international school exchange, Spanish students and their accompanying guardians had the opportunity to get to know our beautiful city and admire the attractions of our region. Together with our guests, we went on a day trip to Frankówka. We visited the city of Nowy Wiśnicz and visited the house where Jan Matejko lived. We ended this trip by making dumplings together and feasting by the fire, with traditional sausages, baked by each of the participants. During the week-long visit, the Spanish youth also visited the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, the Concentration Camp in Oświęcim, Wawel, the Cloth Hall and the St. Mary’s Tower, from where our guests could admire the beautiful panorama of Krakow and the surrounding area.

We spent many nice and unforgettable moments together, we hope that the friendships made will stand the test of time and that we will meet again.



Anna Kwiecińska-Chmiel

Magdalena Śmigasiewicz

2015/2016 school year

Exchange with Zaragoza – April 2016


Exchange with Zaragoza

In mid-April, several dozen students of two classes 1h1 and 1h2 flew to sunny Spain for exchange. During 7 amazing days we had the opportunity to feel what it is like to live in one of the biggest and most beautiful Spanish cities, Zaragoza. It was an unforgettable experience, every day was different, we visited the city, including the amazing Basilica del Pilar, a medieval Muslim palace and many museums. We took part in a city game during which we discovered the most interesting corners of Zaragoza together. One day we went on a full-day trip to a beautiful, picturesque town in the mountains, where we visited a castle and an amazing canyon along the river with incredibly blue water and ended with a waterfall.

In the evenings and during the weekend, we had free time at our disposal, which everyone spent with their Spanish couple, going out, shopping, walking, getting to know the city’s nightlife. The weather, as befits Spain, perfect, 32 degrees and sun, thanks to which most of them returned to Poland nicely tanned.

We got to know Spanish culture from a completely different angle all this time, we tried typical dishes, we got used to unusual habits such as sleeping in siesta or kissing heartily on the cheeks to greet us. Spending and talking with host families and their friends, we saw what life looks like in there, and we proved to ourselves that we can really communicate in Spanish without any problems.

All our guests turned out to be very nice, very hospitable and open, so we got very close in this short time and when it came to saying goodbye it was hard, because we met really fantastic new people and experienced things together that we will remember for a long time. Now we are looking forward to the arrival of our Spanish friends to Krakow.


Language camp in Salamanca 2015


Two weeks ago, classes 2h1 and 2h2 were in Salamanca. Our adventure began on October 8 with a walk through Madrid. For some that was the first time in Spain.

In Salamanca we spent 8 wonderful days there. In the mornings we had Spanish classes. Then the “Mester” school organized the time for us (excursions, art or history workshops, Mediterranean cuisine, salsa / sevillanas course). Apart from Salamanca we visit Segovia and Ávila. We ate various Spanish tapas, paella, chocolate with churros and a few more Spanish dishes. Total that we returned exhausted to our rooms around 9 in the afternoon. But we don’t feel tired so much.
Salamanca turned out to be a charming city. Everyone liked it and some have already decided to study there. Walking through the capital of Castilla y León, we had the feeling that the city resembled Krakow a little bit, but of course, the Plateresque style, which dominated almost every building, should not be compared with the architecture of Poland. The only thing we could compare is the Plaza Mayor. Why? Behold…

At the end of the day we will keep our memories forever and the adventure with Spanish still continues!

2014/2015 school year

0H1 and 0H2 classes on a language course in Salamanca – 04.2015.

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In April 2015, students of 0H1 and 0H2 classes participated in a language course in Salamanca, under the supervision of Mrs. Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Mr. Paweł Przybyła and Mrs. Anna Kwiecińska-Chmiel. Students spent a week in Spain learning Spanish and getting to know Spanish culture, customs and traditions.

Exchange with Zaragoza – April 9-16, 2015


The first classes 1H1 and 1H2, a one-of-a-kind Spanish section, traveled to Zaragoza from 9 to 16 April 2015 to discover the secrets of this beautiful city. We struggled with both cultural differences and language barriers.

During this week, making international friendships, learning about cuisines, stories
and the traditions of our friends, we have managed to destroy our borders!

During the exchange, Spanish youth tried to organize their free time in accordance with our interests. Already on Friday we had the opportunity to get to know them a bit better during the Fiesta. During the following days, each of us spent our time differently. Some in the shopping mall – the largest in Europe, where, apart from shopping, we could go climbing, surfing or boating on the nearby ponds. Several of us spent time with our families visiting Zaragoza and its museums. The Goya Museum was especially worth paying attention to, where you could admire the painter’s famous prints. The rest of us – outside the city, visiting the surrounding sights such as Monasterio de la Piedra, Alquezar or in Catalan resorts. The morning hours spent on Spanish lessons were also extremely interesting, where we could see what the classes look like and take an active part in them. During the following days, we visited the Muslim part of the city, including the partially preserved Aljafería Palace and the impressive La Seo Basilica. On a joint trip in the Pyrenees, we saw the medieval monastery of San Juan de la Peña. On the last day, we were able to see El Pilar, the main cathedral of the city related to the legend of Mary, which the apostle James saw on a pillar.

Thanks to this week-long adventure, we have plenty of memories that will remain for a long time
in our memory. And our friends come to us in September. We are waiting

Kalina Dębska1H2, Karolina Kwietniowska 1H2, Patryk Międlar 1H1

Exchange with Sagrado Corazón school – September 2014

Last week, for the seventh time, we hosted a group of young people from Saragossa from the “Sagrado Corazón” school in our Lyceum as part of an exchange with Spain. Students and their accompanying tutors participated in the classes, visited Krakow and admired the attractions of our region. Among other things, the program included a joint trip to Szczawnica, a walk along the Homole gorge and a feast by the fire with traditional roasted sausages and oscypek cheese. Spaniards praised the flavors of Małopolska and admired the beautiful landscapes. We spent a very intense time together and our friendship tightened even tighter. We hope that the next exchange between our schools will come soon J

Małgorzata Dorosz

Małgorzata Michalska – Derlatka