Chronicle – school year – 2018/2019 – September and October

Chronicle – school year – 2018/2019 – September and October

We won CERN !!!

On September 9, math and physics classes set off for a trip to Switzerland. After eighteen hours of driving, we arrived at the Rheinfall, a beautiful Swiss woodspad on the river Rhine. We rested a few moments and drove all the way to the French border to our hotel.

The next day we had the opportunity to visit CERN, one of the most important research and development centers in the world. We learned a lot about the work at the institute, nuclear research and accelerators, especially the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest accelerator.
During these few days we also visited two Swiss cities: Nyon and Geneva, both beautifully situated by Lake Geneva with a view of the mountains. We also saw the so-called French Venice: Annecy.
On the way back to Poland, we stopped at Technorama, the larger equivalent of the Copernicus Science Center. We could learn something about the laws of physics through play, and also make experiments with e.g. liquid nitrogen.
Despite many hours on the bus and tiredness, it was worth going and seeing such charming places, getting to know a piece of a new country, but also learning something.

Zuzanna Kubal


A diploma of recognition for the extraordinary success of the matriculation examination


During the 1st throw competition of the school athletics league held on 27/09/2018, the athletes of the High School No. 6 won 2 gold medals: Jakub Bakalarz 400 m, Anna Kapustka 400 m, silver medal Aleksandra Belowska 100 m and bronze medal 4×100 m relay (Emilia Celary, Justyna Klimczyk, Aleksandra Belowska, Anna Kapustka).

The women’s representation was ranked high, 5th in the general classification of schools. Congratulations to the entire team and we wish you continued success.

We invite all athletes in High School no. 6 to join our team.

The team’s guardian is Marcin Skoczeń.


Ola about the award in the ZNAK W SCHKOLE project – a summer internship in the editorial office of the Znak monthly

In the recent period of time, I had the great pleasure to fill my holiday frolics with a week-long experience in the editorial office of the monthly “Znak” (how did it happen? What did you eat with?). The very beginning of an inspiring journey through the history of this publishing house allowed me to decipher the meaning of the name itself. I will not divide it here, but which previously seemed to me very mysterious and ambiguous. I encourage you to get to know it.

Suggestion: Headline: short but succinct. The smell of permanent work and office coffee, enriched with an extremely open and cordial team of the Miesięcznik, for which the editorial office is almost a lifestyle, long disputes on the border of philosophy, religion, art and natural sciences, awakened my faith in the bright future of individuals who are uncertain and undecided about their path career I belong to. The mere specter of performing the function of a kind of Socrates, cooking delicious and sophisticated dishes for the thirsty for knowledge and answers to the people’s bothering questions, can put a humanist in admiration, especially a frightened intern. By looking under the lining of creating the monthly, seeing its prime factors, knowing exactly the type, weight and color of the paper, one is able to see a huge and very satisfying picture of the work of many creative and world-curious people who want to expand new and new horizons both for themselves and their readers. .

If among those interested there are those who really want to deepen (dismantle, crush, roll, mix …) the controversial content, or shape the controversy around these seemingly obvious, if one of you deigns doubt in your life, or wants to enter the world of the current culture directly, drawing on knowledge about its foundations and caprices from the best sources, I strongly encourage you to participate in the meetings of the “ZNAKU at school” and apply for those few hours of work that may stimulate passion and hope, or simply guarantee a ruler in the CV that requires improvement.

Aleksandra A. from the third grade

Volunteers of High School No. 6 for Hospice of St. Lazarus

On September 28, 2018, 19 students of Secondary School No. 6 took part in the Daffodil Fair, organized as part of cyclical campaigns for the benefit of those in need from the St. Lazarus in Krakow. We invested in the Main Square in Krakow. The event ended with a symbolic March of Hope on ul. Franciszkańska 3.

Spanish language lovers visiting Andalusia

Andalusia is a region of Spain known for flamenco, good food, siesta and sun. The Mediterranean climate is conducive to studying in a relaxed rhythm, without unnecessary stress, rush and breaks, contemplating art and the local nature. The Spanish language school, which was attended by a group of twenty students of VILO, is called “La playa” and, as the name suggests,
located right on the beach. Each student, as soon as they get tired of studying, looking up from the book, will encounter the soothing blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The promise of spending an afternoon at the beach will seem tempting, and at the same time it will encourage you to complete the ser and estar exercises, which will suddenly stop being so scary.

The food, prepared especially for us in a nearby chiringuito, tastes delicious, although not everyone loves jamón serrano or vegetable salad. The waiter serves us with great attention, and the chef checks whether everything suits us. Always smiling and polite, they wait for us with lunch and dinner at a long table set especially for us, at which we feast, just like real Spaniards. An additional attraction during meals is that
that everyone can test their skills by ordering dishes and drinks in Spanish.

We not only learn, eat and rest, but also visit. Malaga is a port city with huge ships that we admire every day. The Betitz Mountains on one side, the Mediterranean Sea on the other, and the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle rise above the city. We contemplate a landscape bathed in sunlight. At the foot of the castle we find the ruins of the Roman Theater. We walk the streets discovering squares, churches and museums. One thing was of particular interest to us.
It was in this city that the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born. We watch his works collected
in a beautiful typical Andalusian house with a patio. We also enter a huge cathedral where a choir concert is currently taking place. Delighted with what we hear and see, we stay there for a long time. After the spiritual digestion, it’s time for a meal. We eat dinner in a typical tapas bar.

The highlight of the program is a visit to Granada and a visit to the famous Alhambra, a stronghold of the Moorish caliphs. This extraordinary building and its history captivate us. We breathe the atmosphere of this enchanted place and take thousands of photos.

We also visit the town of Rincón de la Victoria, where the Cueva del Tesoro Cave of Treasures is located. It is the only known cave in Europe (and one of three in the world) that was entirely created under water. We get there on foot, along the seaside promenade in full sun.

At the end of the course, we receive diplomas confirming the improvement of the Spanish language. Our Spanish teachers send kind words to us and give us lots of compliments regarding our commitment in the lessons, interest in the topics covered and the rapid pace of learning. It remains to believe that we will also be appreciated after our return

The trip took place on September 29 – October 6, 2018 and will stay for a long time
in our memories

Edyta Buksa, Julia Stolarska, Ewa Łapińska, Katarzyna Bukowska, Anna Cieśla, Natalia Styczeń, Liwia Kapelko, Antonii Szkółka, Zuzanna Ślęzok, Michał Rutkowski, Olaf Krejcza, Jan Porębski, Olga Jeleń, Maria Półtorak, Damian Pelc, Szymon Mazgaj, Iwo Kwieciński , Aleksandra Kowalska, Natalia Czyszczoń, Kornelia Susz and Anna Kwiecińska – Chmiel and Małgorzata Dorosz

Korzkiew – 04/10/2018 – class 1d trip, i.e. integration, nature and history in the background …


VI LO selected to twelve schools from all over Poland covered by the JDI program!

This is great news for all students who are not afraid to express their assignment and discuss in German! Our school was selected among the top 12 schools from all over Poland, which qualified to participate in the Jugend debattiert international program. We are the only school in Krakow, and even in the whole of Małopolska, to participate in this competition!

Jugend debattiert international is an international project carried out in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, about 2,300 students from over 150 schools in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Ukraine participate in the Jugend debattiert international project.
The subject of the competition is to conduct debates in German on topics related to school, fundamental and human rights, history and Europe.

We are very pleased that we can be at the forefront of schools that can participate in this project! The project coordinator in our school is mgr Ewa Nycz and mgr Barbara Riedel-Baader.


Educational Award of the Royal Capital City of Krakow for Weronika Tupaj

The management, the Pedagogical Group and the entire community of High School No. 6 congratulate Weronika Tupaj and her parents for receiving an exceptional award – the Educational Award of the Royal Capital City of Krakow.

We invite you to read the report on the website  Magical Krakow


3A1 and 3B classes in cell biology and genetic engineering

Congratulations to Krzysztof Sącz on his scholarship

Krzysztof Sącz from class 3A1 received a scholarship from the Prime Minister for the 2018/2019 school year



The Appeal for the Work of the New Millennium October 14, 2018

On Sunday, October 14 this year for the 18th time, in all Polish parishes, there was a collection of money for the Work of the New Millennium, i.e. scholarships for gifted students from poor families. Volunteers from our school collected money in a friendly parish of Corpus Christi.

A show of pride and joy – 19/10/2018

On October 19, class 2e took part in the Pride and Joy Spectacle. After the Holy Mass for the Homeland in the Wawel Cathedral, representatives of Małopolska schools participated in the march on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence.


Volunteers of High School No. 6 “to start” …

On October 14, volunteers of Secondary School No. 6 took part in the organization of the 5th PZU Royal Half Marathon, in cooperation with the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Krakow. The area of activity was the service of a nutritional point located on the 15th km of the run, near the Church on Skałka. Many thanks for the commitment, active work of the volunteer and attitude to: Ewa Galica / 1a1 /, Julia Grzybowska / 1a1 /, Klaudia Motyl / 1b1 /, Wiktoria Mrozicka / 1ba /, Ania Zuba / 3b /, Adrian Walicki / 3a2 /.

Wiktoria, thank you for the photos.

Action coordinator: Magdalena Włodarczyk


75th anniversary of the execution at the Old Synagogue

For five years, our school has been taking care of the memorial site at Szeroka Street in Krakow. The modest monument is to the left of the entrance to the Old Synagogue. It commemorates the crime of World War II: on October 28, 1943, the German occupiers shot here 30 Poles transported from the prison at ul. Montelupich. It was revenge for killing, on the verdict of the Polish underground, two officials – Germans and a Gestapo informant. So far, only nineteen of those shot have been identified.

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of this tragic event, the community of our Lyceum commemorated the victims. The ceremony was honored by the presence of representatives of the Old Town District Council with its chairman, Mr. Tomasz Daros, and councilors, Mrs. Anna Bałdyga and Mr. Jacek Balcewicz. The prayer for the dead was led by the parish priest of the Corpus Christi parish, Fr. Przemysław Soboń.

Pictures: Aleksandra Sieprawska



Debaters on the podium

The season of debating struggles has begun. In the National Oxford Debate Tournament Juliusz Lea in fierce, sometimes fratricidal, battles with one of the teams of High School no. Success was achieved by: Aleksandra Długosz (1a3), Anna Kurdoń (1a3), Gabriela Palusińska (2f) and Julia Szczurek (2f). Congratulations are due all the more because for some of the team members it was the first meeting with this format.

Finalists of the school history competition “Reborn 1918 – 1939”

We are pleased to announce that the finalists of the school history competition “Odrodzona 1918 – 1939” were:

Slobodzian Zuzanna from class 1b

Aries Luke from class 3e

Cora Hubert from class 1g1

Hałatek Barłomiej from class 1e

Janik Aleksandra from class 1f

Heir Igor from class 3e

Congratulations! See you in the final game on November 8.

Junior High School 2018 – team table tennis

On October 22, 2018, the representation of Secondary School No. 6, consisting of: Aleksandra Rajzer, Aneta Kapała, Zofia Sołtys, Kamil Zdeb, Mateusz Błaszak, took part in the Junior High School in Team Table Tennis, organized in the XXXLO gym in Krakow. The girls who defeated in the first part of the games: High School No. 13, High School XXVIII, Salesian Lo, High School No. 3 and High School VII deserve special mention. The key match was the match against High School No. 8, which ultimately resulted in the representatives of the “six” winning 4th place among 16 Krakow teams.



Success of athletes at the Championship of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

The representatives of High School No. 6 achieved great success during the Athletics Championships of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship held in Tarnów on October 23, 2018. The entire team won a set of medals.

Anna Kapustka 1st place (400m), Jakub Bakalarz 1st place (400m) and Aleksandra Belowska 3rd place (200m).

The team supervisor is Marcin Skoczeń

Congratulations and we wish you continued success


The victory of the VI High School in the Relay Run for the Saber of Capt. Antoni Stawarz

The representation of the 6th High School had a historic success taking 1st place in the Relay Run for the Saber of Capt. Antoni Stawarz, organized as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Krakow from the partition of power and the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence.

We invite you to watch the movie

This year’s 20th jubilee edition of the run was attended by 21 secondary schools, which on October 31, 18 at the WKS Wawel sports club stadium in Krakow fought a fierce battle over a distance of 4×800 m for victory in this very prestigious run.

For the victory, the representatives of the VI High School received the prize from the hands of the President, prof. Jacek Majchrowski, a symbolic saber – the Award of the Chairman of the City Council of Krakow, a voucher for PLN 3,000 for the purchase of sports equipment for High School No. 6 and valuable individual prizes. The ceremonial decoration ceremony was held in the Podgórze Market Square in Krakow

The composition of the winning relay race: Aleksandra Belowska, Dawid Myśliwiec, Anna Kapustka, Jakub Bakalarz, Emilia Celary, Jerzy Kohut.

The team supervisor is Marcin Skoczeń

Congratulations and we wish you continued success