Chronicle – school year – 2019/2020 – November and December

Chronicle – school year – 2019/2020 – November and December

Candidates for the President of High School no

Here are the profiles of the candidates for the future President of Secondary School No. 6 in Krakow.

The Election Campaign has started!



AUTUMN READING – competition results

We are pleased to announce that the winners in the AUTUMN RANKING photo competition organized by the school library were:

1st place – Liwia Kania, class 1 Dp


2nd place – Daria Szuba-Łata, class 2 D



3rd place – Natalia Duraj, class 1 b



Distinction – Agnieszka Dudek, 1st class Bp



Distinction – Kinga Kaczmarczyk, class 1 Hp



Distinction – Kinga Kaim, 1st class d



Distinction – Martyna Koronowicz, class 1 Bp



CONGRATULATIONS! Diplomas and awards will be presented on the end of the school year.

Election Debate of Candidates for the President of High School No. 6

On November 12, 2019, an election debate took place with the participation of the proposed candidates: Jagoda Zajfryd, Hubert Cory, Hugo Połczyński and Bartosz Knap. The debate was prepared and conducted by the current Student Self-Government, under the supervision of prof. Włodarczyk. Among the invited guests, there were representatives of Student Self-Governments from friendly Kraków high schools, including: High School No. 1, High School No. 2, High School No. 5 and High School No. 8.

The debate consisted of several panels. Candidates had 4 minutes to present their programs and demands. Then they could ask questions to their opponents. The current Presidium, election staffs and the guardian of the Students’ Self-Government, invited guests from the K5 group and the audience also asked their own questions to the candidates.

The final stage were summaries and election slogans of the candidates.

Who of the candidates won and convinced them to join the program?

It will be released on Friday – November 15, 2019, during the elections!

Decide, vote !!!

Announcement of the Electoral Commission on the results of the election for the President of High School No. 6, after the elections on November 15

Pursuant to §3 of the Rules of the Student Self-Government, the President of the VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow, Bartosz Knap was elected from class 2d.


Trip to the Archaeological Museum in Krakow, class 1Ep – November 29, 2019

On November 29, 2019. Professor Justyna Korpak decided to take us to the archaeological museum. This output was related to the topic discussed by us in history lessons, because the exhibition was about Pompeii – an ancient city in Italy, destroyed by the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano. Interest in this city was not found until the 19th century and beautiful, amazing traces of the activity of the local population were discovered.

Together with the Professor and Professor Tomasz Grandys, we left school at 9:45 and went to the museum on foot. First, by the way, we went to the exhibition about Egypt, where we saw, among others sarcophagi with the remains of people, figurines of various rulers, hand-made vessels and tools that were used in those days.

Then it’s time for the actual part of the trip, Pompeii. After entering the exhibition, one of the students introduced us to the history of this city and the most important facts. Very interested, we started looking at the exhibition. We were able to see decorative columns, sculptures, busts, coins with embossed faces, among others Cleopatra, dishes (mostly jugs), as well as skeletons and computer reconstruction of some residents, which was very interesting, because we could see what people from that period looked like.

Of course, during the return, there were also requests to hook up with McDonald’s, but it was necessary to return to history! Everyone was very pleased, having satisfied our humanistic thirst for historical knowledge, we returned to school for the next lessons. I think we all consider this trip successful. We had a great time!

We recommend the exhibition and the museum itself to everyone interested in ancient history!

Mr. Director and Hubert Cora from class 2g1 at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw!

On December 10, 2019, Hubert Cora from class 2g1 with the Director participated in the award gala of the laureates of the “Champions and Patriots” competition by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda and the Minister of Sport, Mrs. Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk.

The project was covered by the National Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, on the Centenary of Regaining Independence.

In the second part of the meeting, a discussion was held with the participation of the President of the Republic of Poland and the guests.
The competition, organized on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, was addressed to students of secondary schools and grades 7 and 8 of primary schools from all over Poland. Among the laureates there is a student of the VI Lyceum.

Congratulations !!



Congratulations on your success in the recitation competition

Congratulations on your successes in the Małopolska Contemporary Poetry Recitation Tournament A. Bursa.

Magdalena Czekaj, class 1c – 2nd place

Magdalena Wawrzeszkiewicz, class 2a3 – distinction

December 9, 2019 at the Youth Culture Center A. Bursa, a gala was held with the participation of the poet’s son, during which awards and diplomas were presented.

Magdalena Folwarska receives the Prime Minister’s Scholarship!

On December 12, 2019, Ms. Barbara Nowak, Małopolska Superintendent of Education, handed diplomas to the scholarship holders of the Prime Minister in the Auditorium of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, at ul. Bernardyńska 3.

Congratulations to Magdalena Folwarska !!

The results of the art competition WE IMAGE BALLADIES AND ROMANCES

Three equal winning places were awarded to:

Katarzyna Hardyn – 1st class

Hanna Pomykały – class 1Ep

Mikołaj Wiechecki – 1a2

and awards for:

Julia Jagiełło – class 1c and Małgorzata Łyko – class 1d



Elżbieta Smak and Maria Leśniak

Mikołaj Wiechecki Primrose

Katarzyna Hardyn Świtezianka

Hanna Pomykała Lilies

Julia Jagiełło Świtezianka

Małgorzata Łyko Świtezianka

We read and illustrate A. Mickiewicz’s Ballady i romanse – report

On December 11, 2019, the second edition of the project “We read and illustrate the work of Adam Mickiewicz” took place. Last year, we read Pan Tadeusz to celebrate the birthday of our bard, and at the same time to emphasize that reading is important and that the fashion for reading is eternal. This celebration inspired us to include it in the tradition of the annual Mickiewicz celebrations.
This edition is Ballady i romanse read and illustrated by students of our high school.

Reading “Ballads and Romance” was inaugurated by Mr. Jacek Wojciechowski, a theater, film and television actor, for many years associated with the Ludowy Theater. In his performance we heard the ballad Romantic.
The following ballads were presented in foreign languages:

The Ballad of Świtezianka

in English performed
– Magdalena Wawrzeszkiewicz and Wojciech Smoła,

in German performed

Sara Majkowska, Igor Cholewiński and Tomasz Piegza

Fragments of Mrs. Twardowska in French performed
Wojciech Smoła

and the ballad Rybka in Russian performed
Oleksandra Missy and Anton Ryzhow

Selected ballads in Polish were read by:

– Aleksander Szewczyk, laureate of the title of Vice-Champion of Reading in the 10th edition of the Małopolska Competition of Beautiful Reading – Pani Twardowska

– Magdalena Czekaj – Glove

– Anna Wojak – Lilies

– Ignacy Peczkis – Dad’s return

Finally, the interpretation of Świtezianka was presented by the professors of our high school
Mrs. Izabela Żelazna, Mr. Marcin Mikrut and Mr. Norbert Pieszczyński

The ceremony was hosted by Jakub Kulik and Ksawery Konarski

Thank you and congratulations to everyone on a successful performance.


Elżbieta Smak and Maria Leśniak




Noble Package 2019

Our school once again took part in the nationwide project “Szlachetna Paczka”. This year, we were preparing a package for a family of 9 people struggling with the problem of disability of 2 children. Together, we collected a parcel worth almost PLN 3,000. Together with Mr. Marcin Mikrut we bought the most necessary things for the family, incl. shoes, pots and basic food products.

Class 1g, on December 6, together with the teacher, she packed all the collected and bought articles. The package includes games and toys for children, personal and home hygiene products and sweets.

Thanks to the school cooperation of students and the support of parents, the campaign was once again a success. The joy of the family with the gifts received was great, and the satisfaction with the help will stay with us for a long time.

Below are the words of the family that wanted to thank all the donors:

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful package. We really didn’t expect this to be so much. We’re still in the emotions of happiness. The children are very happy. Everything is what we wanted even more. Thank you very much indeed. the smile does not come off the face. I don’t even know how to describe the happiness that accompanies us. Thanks again. “



II Gala of the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Krakow with the participation of students from High School No. 6

On December 5, 2019, Daria Szuba-Łata and Mateusz Setkowicz represented High School No. 6 at the 2nd Gala of Sports Volunteering, dedicated to volunteers of Krakow sports events, with the participation of the Director of ZIS – Mr. Krzysztof Kowal.

Congratulations to the awarded!


Youth Volunteering Days

On 4-6 December, students of High School No. 6, under the supervision of prof. Kudyby, prof. Szymaszek and prof. Włodarczyk participated in a number of lectures, lectures, trainings and workshops organized for Krakow volunteers by the Department of Social Policy and Health of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. The culmination of the creative meetings was the participation in the Gala “Faces of volunteering” with the participation of the Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow – Mr. Andrzej Kulig.

Thank you for sharing the photos with the Department of Social Policy and Health – the organizer of the 1st Youth Volunteering Days


Students of High School No. 6 at a meeting with a nurse from the Warsaw Uprising

“Man has these images in his head (…) Thank the Most High for peace in our Homeland.”

What precious words spoken by an extraordinary woman who went through the hell of World War II, and which we, living in times of prosperity, cannot imagine. Mrs. Anna Duszkiewicz was a nurse and liaison officer of the Home Army, with whom we had the opportunity to meet and listen to memories “first hand”. We were able to participate in the meeting thanks to the initiative of prof. Justyna Korpak, cooperating with the Historical Anthropology Section of the Student Historians of the Jagiellonian University Scientific Club – the organizer of the event.

I am sure that when Ania took the microphone and spoke the first words of her life story to it, she managed to steal the heart of every person sitting in the room. We were engrossed in the story of times that hardly anyone wants to remember. Nevertheless, Ms Duszkiewicz told her stories without omitting any details and patiently and very kindly (with a dose of humor) answered the questions asked. We found out what her life was like before and after the uprising, and how the fight itself went.

The event was attended by over forty students of our high school and teachers, i.e. prof. Piotr Rubacha and prof. Justyna Korpak. We strongly encourage you to take part in such meetings. They are extremely valuable because there are fewer and fewer people like Ms. Anna Duszkiewicz, so the words they utter are of gold.


Exit to the Archaeological Museum, class 1c – December 6, 2019

6.XII on St. Nicholas, we traditionally give each other gifts. However, class 1c decided to make an unusual gift that day – going to the Archaeological Museum, because history, as befits a humanist class, is their passion. Visiting the permanent exhibitions provided them with many impressions (although the story they related to was quite distant), which was particularly evident in the questions they asked the museum staff and the interest with which they listened to their stories.

Swimming competition as part of the Licealiada – 16/12/2019

On On December 16, 2019, individual and relay swimming competitions took place as part of the Licealiada.

Our high school was represented by: Marceli Jędryka 2d, Maria Gonet 1h, Emilia Gajda 1h, Bianka Ruda 1Gp, Blażej Szastak 1h, Krzysztof Grzybczyk 2f, Filip Zaczyński 1Ap, Maciej Rybak 1Bp, Oskar Gorycki 1Ap, Emilia Foltyn 1Fp, Małgorzata Biernat 1 -Lata 2d, Mikołaj Górecki 2f, Szymon Hanf 1d (2nd place in backstroke and qualification for the provincial stage).



Winning the “Knowledge about US History and Culture” competition

These are the winners of the 5th Małopolska Competition “Knowledge about US History and Culture”, which took place on 12/12/2019 in the Pedagogical University building in Krakow: Ewa Galica, Katarzyna Kadula and Aleksandra Maziarka from 2a1.

The girls defeated 19 other 3-person teams from all over the province. Congratulations!

Literary competition: “My first meeting with Adam M.”

Literary competition describing the first encounter with Adam Mickiewicz’s poetry has been resolved! The submitted works included both poetry and prose works, and even one dramatic text.

Among the submitted works, the form, content and what good poetry should have: a thrill of anxiety and a certain mystery, distinguished the poem by Anna Kożuch from 2d, which received the first place.

Works by Alicja Starzyk from class 2a3 also deserve recognition and appreciation.

Congratulations on your victory and I wish you continued success in writing

Below is the text of Anna Kożuch’s poem:

“We met in the library

I was silent, glancing stealthily

How he stands unmoved

I was silent admiring secretly

His back straight

The dark frame of his eyes

Gold tattoos on his skin

I was silent, weaving paper thoughts

What if he uses words that are too difficult?

What if it’s high-end?

On the other hand

I didn’t want to judge it by its cover

I took a deep breath

I went to the bookcase

I held out my hand

I dared to open up

This is how I met Adam. “

“I speak Mickiewicz” recitation competition – 18/12/2019

On December 18, a recitation competition was held under the slogan: “I speak Mickiewicz”.

It was pathetic and solemn thanks to the invocation and the Great Improvisation, romantic and frightening thanks to the ballads, and at the end frivolously and chatty thanks to Tadeusz, Telimena and Wojski.

The jury assessed the selection of songs, performance, “special effects”: costumes, props, drama elements.

The winners were:

1st place: Aleksander Szewczyk with 3c for the masterful recitation of the thirteen syllable and perfect reflection of the idyllic atmosphere of Soplicowo.

2nd place: Anna Wojak with 1st c for the terrifying and tragic lady who killed the Lord from “Lilij”.

Honorable Mention: Daria Szuba-Łata from 2d for the emotional and sympathetic Krysia from “Rybka”.

I congratulate the winners who showed that “Mickiewicz was a great poet!”

Magdalena Wójcik

Visit to the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University

Educational “cloud” – a new model of teaching on the example of geography classes.

The Małopolska Educational Cloud is an educational project aimed at raising key competences and shaping the right attitudes on the further educational path among selected students of secondary schools in the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Twice a month at 7:30 students and students of grades 2a2 and 2g2 of Secondary School No. 6 in Krakow with an extended geography curriculum, who want to deepen and expand their geographical knowledge and skills, participate under the supervision of prof. Sławomir Kubas in specially prepared 2-hour on-line classes conducted by researchers at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University. Classes are held in the geographical studio No. 100 in the building of the Secondary School No. 6 thanks to the newly purchased ICT equipment, such as a multimedia board, TV, cameras recording image and movement, and collective microphones.

Classes are interactive teleconferences – students of High School No. 6 thanks to the use of the above-mentioned telecommunications technologies are able to actively participate in classes conducted in real time by lecturers – researchers transmitting and monitoring the course of classes from the Jagiellonian University. Students also communicate with students from five other schools in the Małopolskie voivodship staying at the same time in classrooms in their own schools.

On November 21, 2019, students of the Secondary School No. 6 in Krakow had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Geography
and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University located on the Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the Renewal of the Jagiellonian University at ul. Gronostajowa 7 and participation in classes conducted by two doctoral students of the faculty of geology. The classes concerned the tectonics of lithospheric plates and orogenesis – genesis, movement mechanisms and direct consequences of these movements.

Getting to know and assimilating knowledge and skills was accompanied, among others, by a very interesting experiment that requires students’ involvement. Students received materials: plastic containers, sandpaper sheets, gloves and sand in two colors: gray and blue. The experiment consisted in pouring equal layers of sand alternately on sandpaper placed on the bottom of a plastic container. This operation proved to be a challenge requiring surgical precision as the sand mixed very quickly.
After forming several alternating layers of sand on the paper at the bottom of the container, the paper had to be gently and steadily drawn through a special slot located at the bottom of the glass container. Along with the removal of the paper, the students carefully watched the colorful layers of sand fold at a very accelerated pace (in a significantly extended real geological time these are the structures of rock layers), which aroused considerable interest and emotions among them.

The doctoral students who conducted the classes showed not only professionalism and knowledge, but also wit and simplicity
in explaining complex geological processes, e.g. a pictorial comparison of the structure of the Earth’s interior to a peach or an egg, and the processes taking place in it to cooking pasta. Thanks to this, the subject matter of the classes was pleasant and quickly absorbed by students. The lecturers also tried to encourage students to actively participate and express their own conclusions. The students declared their willingness to participate in the next classes taking place at the above-mentioned faculty.

For us, students of the geography classes of the 6th High School in Krakow, the opportunity to participate in the geography classes of the Małopolska Educational Cloud is a distinction and a chance to expand our knowledge and skills regarding the issues that interest us. Thanks to this project, we have the opportunity to contact science and we can develop our interests and talents. We participate in these classes for various reasons – some of us want to prepare ourselves even better for the matriculation exam in extended geography, others are trying to find their calling.

Maja Loranc
Łukasz Rakoczy

School Day 2019 – 19/12/2019

On December 20, 2019, we celebrated the School Day in the Kijów Centrum cinema.

All gathered – guests, the management, the teaching staff, parents and students were greeted.

Then, the first-grade students took the oath as a banner of the school, joining the ranks of the sixth-graders.

Mr. Czesław Wróbel, PhD, Director and invited guests gave speeches.

Bartosz Knap, President-Elect of the Student Government, has sworn an oath to all members of our school community

Performed by the school choir, we heard fragments of the Broadway musical entitled The Lion King, who took us to the distant world of warm countries.

Mr. Czesław Wróbel, the headmaster of the high school, handed over prizes to the laureates of school competitions:

The winners of the Competition devoted to the life and work of Adam Mickiewicz – the patron of the Secondary School were:

Zuzanna Tokarz, Emilia Jakubiec, Maciej Gruca from class 1AP;
– Marta Stopa, Anna Wojak, Julia Jagiełło from class 1c

Anna Kożuch from class 2D won the literary competition: My meetings with Mickiewicz

In the recitation competition under the slogan “My Mickiewicz, when I say him …”,

Aleksander Szewczyk from class 2c took 1st place

The 2nd place was taken by Anna Wojak from class 1c

In the art competition WE ILLUSTRATE BALLADS AND ROMANCES, three equal winning places were awarded to:

Katarzyna Hardyn from class 1Ep

Hanna Pomykały from class 1Ep

Mikołaj Wiechecki from class 1a2

The school theater PROSCENIUM JUNIOR for the birthday of the bard Adam prepared a performance entitled “Restaurant”, dir. p. prof. Marlena Maciejewska. The performance won 3rd place in youth theater presentations, a collective acting award and an award for collective creation at the youth artistic festival.

Then we watched the performances of talented six players.

They starred:

Magdalena Czekaj played the first movement of the concerto in D minor, the allegro by Antonio Vivaldi, on the transverse flute

Wiktoria Ciępka – with class 1G on cello, Iga Hadyś on saxophone and Tomasz Widłak on piano performed a piece by Henry Mancini entitled “Moon Rive” from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Sara Majkowska and Jakub Borkowski took us into the world of Chopin’s music, they will play a 20 C sharp minor nocturne

Barbara Buśko with the accompaniment of prof. Marta Przybyły performed the piece entitled “Zosia” by Stanisław Niewiadomski to the words of Adam Mickiewicz

They took us into the magical world of contemporary dance in solo shows

Gabrysia Śliwka from class 1F danced to the song “Twenty Five to Life” by Eminem

Helena Kosecka from class 1c danced to the song “stand up” by Cynthi Erivo

Bianca Strzebońska from class 3c showed us her skills in hip hop / freestyle dance to the song by Loyner Lukas Logic

Magdalena Kowalska from class 1c with Hubert Raczek danced a ballroom dance to the song “Sacrifice”

There were also cheerleaders who keep our players warm during sports competitions

We listened to the songs:

Anna Cieśla from class 3a2, who supported Natalia Kukulska’s concert in Niepołomice, sang in a duet with Mateusz Ziółko, sang “Halo” Beyonce and “The Climb” Miley Cyrus for us

Kinga Kaim from class 1d, who performed the piece entitled Ed Sheeran’s Perfect

Olga Gawrońska and Magdalena Kowalska from class 1c sang “People Help The People”

Magdalena Czekaj performed the pastoral “Mary did you know”

Julia Niedzielin performed with a Christmas carol entitled “Good People House”.

At the end of the ceremony, a surprise awaited everyone – a wonderful, delicious cake.



Girls’ VILO CUP tournament

One of the attractions of the last school Friday in 2019 was the Santa Claus Football Tournament for girls. Our villagers from classes: 1 Ep, 1 Gp and combined class 2e and 2g2 had the opportunity to exhilarate a bit and show their fighting spirit and, of course, show off their skills. The girls did their best, and the students from their classes cheered and supported the players. The viewers closely watched the game in progress, during which there were many surprising moments. Deputy director Marta Nowak appeared at the awards ceremony to congratulate the players. First place went to class 2g2 with 2e, second to 1 Gp, and the lowest place on the podium was class 1 Ep. The players were also awarded with individual prizes:

Gabriela Karp – for scoring the most goals

Natalia Izbińska – for the best goalkeeper of the tournament

We would like to congratulate the players once again and encourage them to take part in this type of tournament, which not only develops, but also brings great joy and fun.

Natalia Iwańska