Chronicle – school year – 2017/2018 – January and February

Chronicle – school year – 2017/2018 – January and February

French Language Olympiad, provincial stage – 12.-01.2018

The French Language Olympiad, provincial stage, will be held on January 12, 2018.

We will be represented by Liliana Guzik, Małgorzata Hynek, Katarzyna Kurzydło, Oliwia Jaworska and Małgorzata Lebica.

We wish you great form and nerves of steel.

The provincial stage of the XLIV Geographic Olympiad – 10-11.02.2018

On February 10-11, 2018, the provincial stage of the XLIV Geographic Olympiad will take place, in which the school will be represented by Barbara Jabłońska from class 2G and Andrzej Piszczek from class 3H1.

We keep our fingers crossed and we wish you success!

Reading lessons

Recently, VILO youth had a unique opportunity to look at literature from a slightly different angle. “Reading Lessons” is a social campaign of the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation, which aims to arouse interest in literature by talking about selected texts with prominent writers and writers, critics and critics, professors and professors.

Grzegorz Jankowicz, an outstanding expert in his work, took us on a journey with Joseph Conrad into the mysteries of his “Heart of Darkness”. The students, together with the teacher, discovered new layers of meanings, deconstructed opinions that function in common circulation, and translated the experiences of the heroes into the consciousness of the 21st century man.

Magdalena Brud, Jakub Pstrąg.




Elliot Harrison 2d

Kiereś Zuzanna 3a3

Klusek Maria 2a3

Leśniak Kajetan 3h1

Magdalena Puchalska 3a2

Skowronek Paweł 3a3

Suck Krzysztof 2a1

Świeczkowska Maja 1a3

They qualified for the 2nd (regional) stage of the English Language Olympiad


XIII Entrepreneurship Olympics – congratulations!




qualify for the district stage of the 13th Entrepreneurship Olympiad


Visit to the Cervantes Institute – January 15, 2018

First-grade language groups learning Spanish under the supervision of Ms T Sikora and E. Koszyki on January 15, 2018, for the first time, visited the Cervantes Institute on Kanonicza Street.

An institution that promotes Spanish in the world, and is a friend of our school, prepared a lecture for us about the Spanish language, its role and popularity. The students also visited the library of the Institute.




The following students qualified for the regional oral stage of the 41st Olympiad in German:

Maria Stochmal
Alexander Birx
Julia Grenda

We keep our fingers crossed!


Here are the students who qualified for the regional stage of the XLVIII Olympiad in Polish Literature and Language:

Sara Kolańska (3h3)

Aleksandra Krzanik (3a3)

Monika Kusal (3c)

Dominika Oczkowska (3d render)

Zuzanna Radek (3c)

Anna Wróblewska (3e)

Pawel Skowronek (3a3)

Congratulations to the Olympians and their Scientific Supervisors:

prof. Justyna Kuśnierzowska, prof. Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny, prof. Wanda Sułkowska, prof. Marlena Maciejewska


The success of the VI LO volleyball players

The representation of the VI High School of volleyball players took the fourth place in the finals of this year’s Secondary School.
This year, 20 teams took part in the Krakow Youth Olympics Tournament. Our volleyball players fought very bravely and eventually came fourth among the best schools in Kraków. This result should be considered in terms of success, given the extremely high level of the Tournament.

Congratulations and we wish you continued success.

Team composition:

Natalia Mojsilović, Emilia Niedzielska, Joanna Pikus, Aleksandra Kowalska, Karolina Sikora, Paulina Koczur, Gabriela Kasprzyk, Oliwia Skałka, Julia Kieca.

Marcin Skoczeń, the coach


42nd English Language Olympiad – congratulations






moved to the oral part of the 2nd (district) stage of the 42nd English Language Olympiad.


Debate workshops

As part of the preparations for the VILO Debate Tournament, further workshops were held to prepare the tournament participants.

This time the audience focused on arguments – their types, levels of persuasion, ways of building arguments and methods of counter-argumentation. The interest in the workshops exceeded the wildest expectations of the organizers.

The workshops were conducted by our graduate – Polish Oxford Debate Champion 2017 – Szymon Turcza.

Congratulations and thank you.

Jakub Pstrąg



XXII Olympiad of Knowledge about Nutrition and Food

We sincerely congratulate Justyna Goryczka from class 3b and Milena Mizgala on participation in the district qualifications of the XXII Olympiad in Nutrition and Food.

caregivers: Agata Kurek PhD, Dobromir Mędrala MA



11th edition of the Małopolska Competition of Beautiful Reading

On January 25, 2018, the school stage of the Beautiful Reading Competition took place in the school library.

Qualified for the provincial stage:

Aleksandra Chojnacka (A. Domańska The History of the Yellow Ciżemki)

Aleksander Szewczyk (W.St. Reymont Chłopi)

Congratulations to all participants!



As part of PE lesson, class 1C I class 1 A3 at the ice rink

Great fun, good exercise in the fresh air, real fun, attractive form of physical activity, an idea for great PE classes – this is how both students and teachers assess the physical education lesson on the ice rink.

Students in grades 1 c and 1 a3 found out that skating is not that difficult, and in addition, you can get a lot of fun and joy from it. And although there were falls, everyone came back very happy and in good spirits!


Quarterfinals of the Debate School Debates Tournament – January 22, 2018

On January 22, 2018, the quarter-finals of the Debate School Debate Tournament took place at the City Hall at Plac All Saints in Krakow.

Our school was represented by: Maciej Kuć, Franek Pozarzycki, Stanisław Chludziński and Kajetan Żakowski. Our team debated on the proposal side with the 5th High School.


Intra-school volleyball tournament

On January 23, 2018, the first in-school volleyball tournament took place within the walls of our school. Teams from classes 2A2 and 2E competed with each other.


IA3 class trip to Poznań – January 4-5, 2018

On January 4-5, 2018, a class IA3 trip to Poznań took place under the supervision of prof. Michał Kozień, prof. Beata Smutniak and prof. Iwona Ryż.
The trip to the charming capital of Greater Poland allowed us to integrate, but also broaden our knowledge, mainly in the history of art and history.

Time was passing very intensely. Immediately after arriving at the place, we started a two-hour tour of the city with a guide who very quickly, entertainingly and succinctly led us through the history of the city, inextricably linked with the past and modern history of Poland.

We ended the tour with a visit to the Zamek Cultural Center at the exhibition devoted to the work and life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, which was the main purpose of our trip. The exhibition is very popular, so we started looking at the works of Mexican painters with curiosity. Eventually, tired but satisfied, we returned to the hostel.

We spent the evening singing together, playing board games and drinking tea. Fun and integration.

The next day was devoted to discovering the history of the area. We visited the Poznań Gate, i.e.
a modern, interactive historical museum. It made a great impression on us all. On the way to the next point of the trip – the National Museum – we had the opportunity to visit the cathedral in Ostrów Tumski and feel the atmosphere of the city again.

We liked the National Museum the most. We were delighted with the huge collections of Polish (and not only) art. We saw paintings, among others Andrzej Wróblewski, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Jacek Malczewski, Stanisław Wyspiański, Olga Boznańska.
Unfortunately, two days passed quickly and we had to go back. Despite the unfavorable weather, we all left in good spirits, keeping fond memories for a long time.

Barbara Chmiel


Report from the trip to Katowice

On January 19, we, students of our school, under the supervision of prof. Kuśnierzowska, prof. Sułkowska and prof. Kozień, we went on a half-day trip to Katowice. After a laughing journey of a little over 1.5 hours, we reached our first destination – the Silesian Museum. It is situated on two floors and has been divided into many sections dealing with various aspects of the history and culture of Silesia. The amazing structure of the stairs connecting both floors encouraged most of the participants to start their tour from the lower part of the building. In this element of the exhibition, our attention was drawn to an exhibition showing the history of Polish costume and set design. The craftsmanship of the creators could be admired on original costumes from theatrical performances.

An overview of the history of Upper Silesia was an extremely informative and intriguing installation. Innovatively constructed, it allowed each of us to feel transferred in time; thanks to the rooms decorated as befits a given era. Numerous interactive panels, models and sculptures made each room more unique and surprising than the previous one.

The upper floor is dedicated to artists associated with Lower Silesia. We could admire both the works of young artists and the masterpieces of Beksiński himself.

The second point of the program was visiting the Academy of Music. Karol Szymanowski in Katowice and listening to the carnival concert taking place there. The elegantly dressed viewers added even more charm to this beautiful building. The academic wind orchestra conducted by Andrzej Zubek presented us with a variety of musical genres, ranging from big band pieces, through music from Walt Disney films to dance hits by Robbie Williams. The evening was made more pleasant by the velvety voice of the vocalist Wojciech Myrczek. The swaying rhythms did not allow any of us to sit still.

We came back tired but very happy and full of positive energy thanks to the music that was ringing in our ears for many more hours.


VILO students with a visit to the Institute of Italian Culture – 30/01/2018

On January 30, second grade students learning Italian had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Italian Culture Institute in Krakow. On site, we saw an exhibition devoted to the history of Italy, we got to know the program of cultural events organized by the Institute for the coming months and the conditions of participation in these events, as well as the rules of library operation and registration for language courses.

Oliwia and Bartek in the mentoring program for young scientists!

Oliwia Krzemień and Bartosz Biesiadecki from 3a1, the winners of the E (x) plory Science Competition have started participating in a mentoring program for young scientists! This year, mentors  PwC Polska will work with experienced practitioners and mentors from Startup HUB Poland, to better support innovative projects.,126

Grade 2e at the Museum of Municipal Engineering

Class 2e at the Museum of Municipal Engineering visits the exhibition: “p for a paradox – the story of a Fiat 125p”



Basketball competition – February 1, 2018

On February 1, we took part in a high school, which took place in Secondary School. Our rivals were High School No. VIII, High School No. 1 and the host, i.e. High School No. 2. We played the first match with High School No. VIII, they were in the lead in the first half, but in the second part of the game we managed to catch up and overtake our rival, we won by a dozen or so points advantage.

The next opponent was Nowodworek, who turned out to be a tougher opponent, the whole game was exchanged for points, but in the last minutes we lost a bit more points and we didn’t have enough time to make up for this advantage.

Our last opponent was II LO, which won two previous matches with a significant advantage. This match also ended with the victory of LO II, but we did not lose as many points as our other opponents and the difference of points was not that significant, thanks to this we were promoted to small points, because three teams (VI, I, VIII) had the same number of points but our point balance was the best. Our sporting struggle will continue next week, let’s hope it will be successful.

Youth for the Home Army, Home Army for the young – 31.01.2018

On January 31 this year. classes 2c and 2e took part in the conference at the Home Army Museum entitled “Youth for the Home Army, Home Army for the Young.”

The aim of the project was to acquaint young people with history, making them aware of them first hand, from people who really survived the horrors of the Second World War.

The guest was, inter alia, Cpt. Włodzimierz Wolny, who led many listeners to tears and emotions with his moving story from Szare Szeregi.

There was also a cheerful accent – Major Stanisław Szuro also shared his, this time, surprisingly, funny stories from that period.

This event attracted a lot of young people, their presence was already counted in the hundreds.

There were very young people as well as those already on the threshold of reaching adulthood. However, regardless of the age of the audience, it is certain that each of the participants gained a lot from this meeting.

Marlena Miśkowiec



On February 7, our school was visited by Mr. Walter Braunohler, the US Consul General with a presentation / lecture on the relations between Poland and the USA in the context of the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

The Consul recalled important facts connecting our countries and referred to the message made in Congress by President Thomas Woodrow Wilson on January 8, 1918.

Point 13 related to the issue of Poland’s independence:

 “13. An independent Polish state should be erected which should include the territories inhabited by indisputably Polish population, which should be assured a free and secure access to the sea, and whose political and economic independence and territorial integrity should be guaranteed by international covenant.”

Moreover, the Consul referred to the document Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States, which was established in 1926 on the 150th anniversary of signing the Declaration of Independence. The Poles then signed a special birthday card. The signatures were made by 5.5 million Polish citizens, headed by President Ignacy Mościcki. Currently 111 volumes of this special correspondence have been digitized. It is accessed at the famous Library of Congress. It’s worth seeing the movie:

‘From Poland with Love’

On the occasion of the upcoming Fat Thursday, the Consul was given donuts by us. In the photo with students from class 3a2 Natalia Okarmus and Tomasz Majka, who until recently was the President of VILO.

More on:



Lippy & Messy. Wizard of Words. Do you remember that educational series for children?

On February 2, British Ramon Shindler, the creator of this popular TV series, visited our school. A graduate of the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, and the Department of French, University of Liverpool. Currently a senior lecturer at the Institute of English Studies in Krakow. English teacher in many countries of the world, incl. in Argentina, Sweden, France, Spain, Kosovo, Ukraine. Polyglot – speaks 8 languages – including excellent Polish. Author of many textbooks for learning English. Extremely colorful and inspiring character. He talked about how to learn languages. It was worth it!


The twentieth edition of the Polish National Fictional Competition – February 5, 2018

On February 5, the students of our school took part in the local qualifying rounds of the twentieth edition of the Wojciech Korfanty organized by the Jagiellonian University.

The competition slogan was:

“Unfortunate gift of freedom”? / Fr. prof. J. Tischner /

As the main organizer of the competition said: “VI lo took the competition by storm”.

1st place – Marlena Miśkowiec from class 2c

2nd place was not awarded

among the winners of the 3rd place – Jan Broda and Franciszek Pozarzycki from class 2h

and among the honored Piotr Sadza and Jacek Zeman from class 2a1.

All of them were referred to the next stage, regional qualifiers, which will take place on February 8, 2018 in the Auditorium of the Collegium Novum of the Jagiellonian University.

Congratulations and good luck!


Congratulations on qualifying for the 2nd Stage of the Provincial Chemical Knowledge Competition

We are pleased to announce that

Karolina Anna Jelonek (2a1),

Damian Piwowarski (2a1),

Krzysztof Sącz (2a1),

Maria Brzozowska (2b),

Monika Ciszewska (2b)

Bartosz Biesiadecki (3a1)

qualified for the second (and last) stage of the Provincial Chemical Knowledge Competition organized by the employees of the Department of Chemistry Teaching and the PRO CHEMIA Foundation at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University.

The final of the competition will take place on March 10, 2018.

We keep our fingers crossed!

VILO on the podium of the Malopolska Competition of Knowledge about Culture and Italian Language

On February 7, the students of our high school, Roksana Rakoczy from class 2f and Katarzyna Kurzydło from class 1a1, won respectively the first two places in the finals of the Lesser Poland Contest of Knowledge about Italian Culture and Language organized by High School No. 13 in cooperation with the Institute of Italian Culture.

Congratulations on the wonderful speeches and we are proud that our school has won two places in the final three for the third year in a row.

We wish you more success!

A visit of the students of Secondary School No. 6 at the American Consulate in Krakow

On January 24, 2018, students of group 1o2 under the supervision of prof. Agnieszka Batko went to the US Consulate General in Krakow, where they participated in a meeting with a Fulbright Program scholarship recipient, musicologist, Ms Marya Fancey.

The theme of the workshop was jazz. The history, characteristics and styles of this musical genre have been introduced to us in an interesting way that inspires us to deepen our knowledge in this field.

Italian Culture and Language Day – 6.02.2018

February 6. For most of the communities, VI LO is just another page torn from the calendar, but for lovers of the Italian language it was an unforgettable day. It was then that students from our school, studying this beautiful speech, could participate in an extremely pleasant and developing meeting, and immerse themselves in the fascinating culture of Italy. Of course, we are talking about the “Day of Italian Culture and Language”, organized annually in the sixth high school for our students.

This year, we managed to provide a lot of attractions. We were honored with his personality by a native of Italy, MA Filippo Camagni from the Jagiellonian University.

In his lecture “La storia della lingua italiana”, he presented the origins and history of the Italian language. He also told a bit about dialects and quoted a few interesting facts, including some worth remembering proverbs from different regions of Italy.

After the lecture, it is time for presentations prepared by students. Gabriela Wiśniewska (1a1) and Konrad Kemski (1a1) presented us with the stories of the largest Italian automotive concerns. Then Aleksandra Ferek (2c) gave us a fascinating presentation, who introduced us to the history of pizza – dishes that can be considered one of the symbols of sunny Italy. Right after that, it’s time for dessert – presentation “Italian sweets”, presented by: Jowanka Rzońca and Kaja Murzyń (1a2)

As you can guess, the topics of the lectures significantly whetted the students’ appetites. It was time for a break, during which we had the chance to taste the dish “cartocciata catanese” – a typical product from the city of Catania in Sicily.

After a delicious meal, we returned with renewed energy for the second part of the Italian day.

Another point of the meeting were the screenings of films prepared by our students, aimed at promoting the learning of the Italian language. Then these productions took part in the competition. The competition was at a very high level, but eventually the winners were selected.

The first place went to Jowanka Rzońca and Kaja Murzyn (1a2) for the film “Come fare una brutta figura” (“How to make a bad impression”).

The second place (after the necessary extra time) was won by: Katarzyna Wątor (2e), Anna Zuba (2b) and Łukasz Słowiński (2e) for the film “Latte o caffe ‘latte” (“Milk or coffee with milk”).

It is time for our students’ musical performances. Małgorzata Biskup and Wiktoria Suder (1g) gave a great concert on the violin, performing a mix of the most popular Italian songs. The saxophonist Julia Grela (1d) impressively played the song “L’italiano” for us. At the very end, we were lucky to hear the phenomenal soprano by Martyna Raczek, performing the piece “Voi che sapete che cosa è amor” from Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro”.

The last item on the program was a knowledge quiz about history, geography, culture and the Italian language, the winners of which (also after a stormy overtime) were: Aleksandra Ambrożewicz, Kacper Dziadkowiec and Aleksandra Ferek (2c). Congratulations to all winners!

After exciting competitions, it’s time to end. The prizes for the winners and co-authors of the meeting were presented by the deputy director of the sixth high school, Iwona Fedan, MA. Unfortunately, after the Deputy Director’s solemn speech, the day of the Italian language was over. Nevertheless, those beautiful, even idyllic moments will remain in our hearts for a long time, during which we could forget about the world for a moment and plunge into the fascinating world of sunny Italy …

Reported by: Aleksandra Ferek, 2c

Captured on film: Katarzyna Wątor, 2e

Organized by: Katarzyna Borejczuk, MA and Paulina Leśniak, MA




Congratulations to Małgorzata Lebica from class 3F



qualify for the finals of the XLI French Language Olympiad

Congratulations to the finalists of the 42nd English OLYMPADES






Honorary patronage:

Prof. dr hab. Jacek Majchrowski

Mayor of the City of Krakow

Bogusław Kośmider

Chairman of the Krakow City Council

Barbara Nowak

Małopolska Superintendent of Education

Prof. dr hab. Renata Przybylska

Dean of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University

Prof. dr hab. Bogusław Dopart

Head of the Department of the History of Enlightenment and Romanticism at the Jagiellonian University

President of the Krakow Branch of the Literary Society Adam Mickiewicz




Media patronage:

Magic Krakow Radio Krakow



VI Lyceum would like to celebrate this special day in a special way for the fifth time. As every year, we will celebrate this important event in cooperation with outstanding scientists and people of culture. We are deeply convinced that the celebrations, as every year, will encourage discussion about the richness of our written and spoken language and will encourage reflection on the role and place of Polish language and literature in the life of a contemporary Pole.


28 February 2018 (Wednesday)


Greeting guests and foreword:

Czesław Wróbel, PhD, Director of the VI High School for them. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow

Opening ceremony and guest speeches

  • inaugural lecture, Prof. dr hab. Renata Przybylska

    Dean of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University

    lecture, dr hab. Kazimierz Sikora

Department of the History of Language and Dialectology, Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University

12.00-13.00- break

13.00- 14.30- “reading lessons” (workshops for students of High School No. 6)

* dr hab. Roman Dąbrowski, Department of the History of Enlightenment and Romanticism at the Jagiellonian University

* Dr. Małgorzata Sokalska, Department of Comparative Literature of the Jagiellonian University

* dr Anna Kaszuba-Dębska, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Warsaw

* dr Józef Ruszar, Faculty of Philosophy of Ignatianum

* dr Tomasz Majkowski, Department of Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Research of the Jagiellonian University

01/03/2018 (Thursday, day for junior high school students)


Anna Jończyk, MA – lecture: Rhetoric in advertising


Polish language competition for middle school students

1 p.m. – ending


On February 28, the two-day celebration of the International Mother Language Day began in our school.

On the first day, we listened to a lecture by Prof. dr hab. Renata Przybylska, Dean of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University: On the names of the awards currently granted in Poland

and a reading from Dr. hab. Kazimierz Sikora from the Department of the History of Language and Dialectology at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University: Krakow’s Holy War – a few remarks by the linguist.

Then there were “reading lessons” led by prof. dr. hab. Roman Dąbrowski from the Department of the History of Literature of the Enlightenment and Romanticism of the Jagiellonian University, Dr. Józef Ruszar from the Faculty of Philosophy of Ignatianum and Dr. Tomasz Majkowski from the Department of Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Research of the Jagiellonian University.

A day later, the invited secondary school students from Szkoły Podstawowej z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 98

in Krakow, Primary School No. 1 in Wieliczka, School and Kindergarten Complex No. 2 in Krakow, Junior High School with bilingual classes 83 and Private Primary School in Zelków and students of our school listened to a lecture by Mrs. Anna Jończyk: Retoryka in advertising. Then, high school students took part in a Polish language competition prepared by Ms Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny and Mr Michał Kozień.

We would like to thank everyone for their commitment and invite you to the next edition of the International Mother Language Day next year!

Polish and Polish philologists




Congratulations to Małgorzata Lebica from class 3F



qualify for the finals of the XLI French Language Olympiad

The final will be held on March 16 in Gdańsk.

We keep our fingers crossed!


Congratulations to the finalists of the 42nd English OLYMPADES








Congratulations to a class 2f student, Julia Grenda, on qualifying for the Final of the German Language Olympiad!
Julia will face the best in Poznań in just a month!

Congratulations to Maciej Kucia



qualify for the finals of the XIII Olympiad of Entrepreneurship