Our Danish experience

Last Wednesday class 3B spent their day together with a group of students from Denmark. They began with a workshop in English on various topics related to culture, history and social science in mixed teams. Later on students from both classes took a walk around the Jewish quarter, Kazimierz. During that they visited seven synagogues presented by our students and explored the historical area.

Justyna Kunz 3B


Gratulujemy laureatom konkursów ogłoszonych podczas wycieczki do Londynu – fotograficznego i na najlepszy mem. Wszystkie nadesłane prace były ciekawe, pomysłowe, artystyczne, oryginalne, …

Gratulujemy (w kolejności alfabetycznej):

  1. Szymonowi Batko z kl. 4D za zdjęcia Big Bena z pomnikiem i Big Bena z ptakami,
    2. Martynie Klaji z kl. 4E za zdjęcie lampionów w Chinatown,
    3. Kubie Lachowiczowi z kl. 4D za zdjęcie z budką telefoniczną,
    4. Maji Merkwirth z kl. 4D za panoramę Oksfordu,
    5. Zuzannie Tokarz z kl. 4A za mem z ‘wyjadanymi kanapkami’.

Laureaci zostali nagrodzeni upominkami z Wielkiej Brytanii.

A TRIP TO LONDON (November 26th – December 2nd, 2022)

At the end of November the 4th and some of 3rd grade students went on a trip to London. The bus drive was extremely long and exhausting. The program was tight, so we were bound to start sightseeing right after we arrived. Our plans for the day included visiting museums, London districts – Greenwich and Canary Wharf (the latter was a mixture of glass, skyscrapers and modern architecture), a ride in a cable car above the Thames. Despite the rain, the ride was calming and enjoyable. In the evening everyone finally met their host families. They dearly welcomed us and were very friendly. Next day we went to see Oxford and Windsor Castle. It was a great opportunity to learn a little history and see absolutely incredible chambers and surroundings of the estate. Weather also surprised us, because it was wonderfully warm and sunny. The weather combined with stunning views perfectly reflected the charms of autumn. Every day we were visiting different museums, for example my personal  favourites – the Natural History Museum and the British Museum. We also had the pleasure of admiring the panorama of the city from different perspectives, the one from the London Eye and the other from the observation deck on the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Of course, there had to be time for the most famous landmarks such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or the one and only Big Ben. One of my favourite places was Chinatown. We could try a variety of Asian street food and appreciate the unique architecture and decorations. Of course, these are not all the places we went to, describing every single one would be simply too long :). To wrap it all up, the trip was definitely full of wonderful and breathtaking places and views and it also was an opportunity to learn a little about them. It was a different experience for every single person and I think everyone got to take something for themselves from it.

Magdalena Boroń, Class 3A


Gingerbread Decorating Workshop 1M1


Our school aims at reaching the highest educational standards that match modern Europe. The teachers have a great need to improve their qualifications and competence, increase the level of quality of teaching and learning through the use of innovative teaching methods and IT tools. Implementing the aims of the project will increase the attractiveness of the
educational process, develop the competence of the staff leading to the employment of the highest educational standards. We would like to gain contacts with foreign partners for international cooperation. After the pandemic lockdown it is especially important for us to engage our students and motivate them to take an active part in an international cooperation.
Joining the program will not only broaden their horizons but prepare them to active EU citizenship.