In our school Spanish is taught at basic, advanced and bilingual levels. Students from bilingual classes go through an intensive course in Spanish during their first year at the school, then learn some of the school subjects in Spanish. There are 11 teachers working in the Spanish department, including 3 native speakers. In addition to the Spanish language, we also teach literature, geography and history. Our library consists of over 1600 copies of books and 230 DVDs in Spanish.

Our bilingual section boasts a rich theatrical tradition . For many years our students have been taking part in the European School Theatre Festival in Spanish , organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The competition is aimed at students interested in theatre, studying Spanish theatrical tradition and language improvement .

We also get involved in school projects, such as Comenius, student exchanges with Spanish schools and organising scholarships. We all agree that the best way to motivate students to learn the language is through providing them with opportunities to speak to native speakers.