School history

VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Krakow is one of the oldest secondary schools in Krakow. It was established in 1902 as the branch of St. Jack’ s State Secondary School.

In 1919 the school was transformed into an independent institution VII Państwowe Gimnazjum Realne and in 1925 it was named after Adam Mickiewicz, one of the greatest Polish poets.

In 1967 the school finally received the name of the VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące  in Krakow.

The school has also changed its location many times. For many years it was located at 16 Skałeczna street and then in 1992 the school was moved to the building at  7 Wąska street, where it is currently located.

In 1965 the school was affiliated to UNESCO and  belongs to the Unesco Associated School Network.

The school’s tradition of teaching foreign languages ​​began in 1962, when the first “French class” was established.

In September 1993, a Bilingual Programme with English was started and on May 7, 1997 an agreement was signed between the Polish and Spanish Ministries of Education, which created a Bilingual Programme with Spanish. 

In 2002, the School’s Centenary was celebrated and in 2012 the school celebrated  the 110th anniversary.

In 2021 the school joined the IB World School family and became International Baccalaureate World School 061331.