Exchange with Belgium

Exchange with Belgium – stay in Belgium

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On April 17, 2018, the time has come for us, we went to Liege. On the first day, the students showed us the school. We were offered a great dinner, we had the opportunity to try the famous Belgian fries and meatballs, for which we even got a secret recipe. We also attended a Spanish lesson and we had a great time.

On Wednesday we went for a walk around Liege. It’s a beautiful student town very close to Brussels. The magnificent main station impressed everyone, and the Church of St. Jakub was shown to us by a lovely guide. In the evening, we met in smaller groups to get to know and taste the life of Belgians of our age.

Thursday is a visit to the European capital – Brussels. It is a city of murals, street art and modernity. In addition to the most important monuments and must-see stops such as Manneken – Pis, we also visited the Comic Book Museum. We learned that our Belgian friends have read various types of comics from an early age and that it is a very important matter for them. We also tried delicious Belgian chocolate. We traveled to Brussels and back by train, at the same time we had the opportunity to see the already mentioned railway station in Liege and the one in Brussels.

On April 20, we visited the Kaserne Dossin museum commemorating the victims of the Second World War. As in all the other places we visited, we could choose to visit in English or French. In the evening, our Belgian correspondents organized a party for us in the splendid garden of one of the exchange participants. It was a chance to strengthen contacts and, of course, to practice one’s language skills.

On Saturday, we were able to sleep a little longer. Some went skating (the ice rink was located in the mall), others played laser paintball. Still others went with their correspondents, for example to a scout camp. In the evening, we all met at school and had the opportunity to watch a play by both students and teachers on the occasion of the theater week that was just taking place in Liege.

On Sunday morning, we went for a walk around La Batte market. Later, our correspondents organized the day for us.

Monday is the day of departure, in the morning we gathered in the school parking lot and headed for the airport.

Exchange with Belgium – stay in Krakow

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On March 21-27, 2018, we had the pleasure to host a group of 15 Belgians from the Belgian city of Liege with their lovely professors. The exchange tutors on the Polish side were irreplaceable prof. Lichoń and prof. Szczepankiewicz.

They flew in on Wednesday afternoon and came straight from the airport to the school. We welcomed them with snacks and showed them around our high school, introducing here and there the history of both the school building and Kazimierz.

We started Thursday with the morning collection at Wawel. Belgians visited, among others royal castle, St. Mary’s Church and the Barbican. After the trip, they started an English lesson with the reliable prof. Pacyna, thanks to which Poles and Belgians could integrate and learn a little more about their countries.

On Friday, we met in front of the school in the morning, because at 6 o’clock the Belgians visited the Concentration Camp in Oświęcim on that day, and then went to visit our Jewish district, Kazimierz, with the Schindler Museum.

We spent Saturday with the Belgians in Zakopane, where we watched, among others the first Zakopane church and cemetery in Pękkowy Brzyzek. We ate a traditional Polish dinner at the “Żabim manor” and took the cable car to Gubałówka. The weather was definitely good for us, the photos from this trip are exceptionally beautiful.

The Belgians spent Sunday in Polish families, many of us went bowling together, others spent time with the family. We showed our guests how we spend our free time in Poland and what habits we have in our homes.

On Monday, the Belgians had one more opportunity to take part in classes with prof. M. Muszka, and later went to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. They were very impressed with the beauty of the representative hall, the one with the magnificent chandeliers. The guests ate dinner underground, which was an additional attraction for them.

We said goodbye on Tuesday, early in the morning the Belgians left for their country, leaving us unsatisfied after their short visit.

Every day after the trips, Polish youth spent time with guests, it was spent on talks and exchanging views and impressions. We shared customs, music and learned each other’s languages. We are flying to our friends in mid-April and we hope to bring back from Belgium as beautiful memories as those with which we stayed at our homes after the visit of Belgian youth.