Chronicle – school year – 2015/2016 – November and December

Chronicle – school year – 2015/2016 – November and December

Meeting with Ewa Lipska – November 16, 2015

On November 16, 2015, we had the unquestionable pleasure of hosting Mrs Ewa Lipska. The well-known poet established a great contact with us. We could honestly talk not only about poetry. The guest answered questions for 2 hours, shared his reflections on literature, life in contemporary Poland, the problems of our times and the differences between generations. At the end, the artist read one of her works from the recently published volume. We all received a commemorative poem autographed by the poet. The idea of our Polish teacher and teacher was very successful. We found out that the poet is not a “fantastic” detached from reality, but a very interesting MAN.

Class 3c


Our students have successfully completed the XXII Knowledge Tournament about Mythology and Antiquity.

Here are the Laureates:

Knowledge test

Weronika Tupaj – 2nd place

Klaudia Śliwa – 3rd place

Zuzanna Kieres – 3rd place

Gabriela Czerwińska – 3rd place

Karolina Hakalla – 4th place

Mikołaj Chudoba – 5th place

Karolina Goczy – a distinction

Poetry Competition – Look into Medusa’s eyes

Milena Kuchnia – 1st place

Justyna Wielosik – 3rd place

Recitation – prose and poetry of antiquity

Anastazja Kowalska – 2nd place

Natalia Podyma – 2nd place

Anna Gonera – 2nd place

art competition – The Adventures of Perseus

Zuzanna Dec – distinction

The trip to the GUIDO mine in Zabrze – November 26, 2015

On November 26, 2015, students of classes 2f and 2g participated in a subject trip to the GUIDO mine in Zabrze.



On November 27, 2015, Polish-English translation workshops took place in the building of Secondary School No. 6. For the third time, students interested in literary translation had the opportunity to take part in this type of class led by Dr. Agata Hołobut, lecturer at the Chair for UNESCO Translation and Intercultural Communication. The subject of the meeting was the poetry of Charles Simic and his two poems dealing with not very pleasant creatures: Cockroach or Cockroach and Dear Helen, whose theme is the squirt, also commonly known as the sea cucumber. Students participating in the workshops showed great linguistic intuition and imagination, surprising both their colleagues and their tutors with their ideas and translations. Congratulations on your talent and encourage you to continue fights with literary translation.

Information about the translation competition soon.

Coordinator: Iwona Ryż, MA


Lecture by Dr. Marcjanna Nóżka from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University – November 27, 2015

On November 27, 2015 in the 6th High School, Dr. Marcjanna Nóżka from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University gave a lecture. The subject of the meeting was the causes, course and effects of marginalization and social exclusion in various environments. The speech of Dr. M. Nóżka was listened to by interdepartmental groups implementing the vocal curriculum at the advanced level. After the lecture, there was a short scientific discussion.

With deep regret, we announce

that he died on December 3, 2015


outstanding director of the VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow

in the years 1982 – 1999.

Initiator of the creation of bilingual classes with English and Spanish.

Sensitive Polish teacher.

Winner of many awards, honored, among others: the Golden Cross of Merit,

KEN Medal, 3rd and 1st degree Award of the Minister of National Education


Golden Badge for Social Work for the City of Krakow.

Teacher and tutor of many generations of youth.

Funeral ceremonies will take place in the chapel at the Salwator Cemetery

on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 12.00.

I express their sympathy to my family and loved ones

Management, Teaching Staff
and the entire Community of Secondary School No. 6

them. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow


Semi-finalists of the 14th Olympiad in Mathematical Linguistics 2015/16

Daniel Bober

Katarzyna Ignatowicz

Anna Jarmocik

Anna Potoczek

Agnieszka Twardosz

Congratulations !!!


School Day 2015 – December 2, 2015

Celebration program:

9.00 a.m. Holy Mass in St. Mary’s Basilica

laying flowers at the Adam Mickiewicz monument in the Main Square

10.30 a gala ceremony begins at the Kijów Centrum Cinema:

– greeting guests and speeches

– first grade students’ oath

– a performance entitled “The Dead Returns in Youth Countries …” – a performance by the School Theater PROSCENIUM

– concert performed by students of the State Secondary Music School Władysław Żeleński in Krakow





Art history lesson in French at the National Museum – December 8, 2015

Art history lesson in French at the National Museum during the visit to the exhibition “French Graphics from Impressionism to Art Nouveau”.

December 8, 2015 lovers of the French language and art history took part in active classes on painting trends and the description of a work of art in French under the supervision of the charming Frenchwoman Marie. The classes ended with a show of a vivid interpretation of Sarah Bernhard’s portrait!


Congratulations on qualifying for the 2nd stage of the XXXIX French Language Olympiad






qualifying for the second stage of the XXXIX Olympiad in French


About the AGH Diamond Index – congratulations

4 people qualified for the 2nd stage of the 9th edition of the National Olympiad “For the AGH Diamond Index”

1. Paweł Panasiuk

2. Andrzej Piszczek

3. Anna Stach

4. Klaudia Wrona



Jerzy Fedorowicz as a guest of class 3c

Actor, senator of the Republic of Poland, local government activist, social activist, former director of the theater, former member of parliament … There is still a long way to list the fields of activity of our guest. We could hear about theatrical and film roles, adventures on the set, interest in difficult youth, charity work for sick children, therapy through art, the tasks of the intelligentsia, contemporary Poland, and politics. In an extremely spontaneous conversation we met a very interesting man.


AGH Diamond Index in Physics – congratulations

The student of High School No. 6 Patryk Nguyen – class 3d qualified for the 2nd Stage of the competition for the “AGH Diamond Index” in physics.

French-Polish translation workshops – 17/12/2015

On December 17, 2015, French-Polish translation workshops took place. It was conducted by Barbara Kochan, a translator and lecturer at the Institute of Romance Philology at the Jagiellonian University.

The success of the volleyball team of VI LO

On December 21, 2015, the representation of volleyball players from High School No. 6 took 2nd place in the 1st Girls’ Volleyball Tournament for the Cup of the Director of High School No. 3 in Krakow.

Aleksandra Rybi and Magdalena Kwinta received individual awards in the tournament.


Team composition

Angelika kapusta (captain), Aleksandra Rybi, Magdalena Kwinta, Patrycja Leśniak, Wiktoria Włodarczyk, Natalia Mojsilović, Gabriela Zając, Martyna Miernik, Sonia Baran.