Chronicle – school year – 2018/2019 – November and December

Chronicle – school year – 2018/2019 – November and December

AUTUMN READING – competition results

We are pleased to announce that the following winners in the AUTUMN RANKING photo competition organized by the school library were:


1st place – Gabriela Łukasik, class 1C



2nd place – Daria Szuba-Łata, class 1D



3rd place – Karolina Kałdos, class 3B




Winners of the competition about Adam Mickiewicz

Place I – class 1e

Tomasz Piegza, Aleksandra Owczarz, Natalia Izbińska

2nd place – class 1a3

Milena Krawczyk, Alicja Starzyk, Helena Likus

3rd place – class 1c

Emilia Teper, Jagoda Zajfryd, Gabriela Łukasik


Pyramids are a sensation !!!!

Recently, the students of our school compete in creativity and their creativity exceeds the wildest expectations of teachers.



Lecture by prof. dr hab. Sławomir Sprawski – 13/11/2018

On November 13, 2018, the VI Lyceum hosted prof. dr hab. Sławomir Sprawski, Director of the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University, expert in ancient history, including the political, social and cultural history of the most famous Greek city-states.

Our guest presented a lecture entitled “How did the Athenians and Spartans rule?”, Describing to the audience the complex nuances of the theory and practice of the regimes of Athens and Sparta in a colorful and suggestive way. The following classes participated in the meeting: 2C, 2A / 2 and 2A / 3 who implement the history curriculum at the advanced level.


Lecture by Dr. hab. Janusz Pezda – November 16, 2018

On November 16, 2018, the VI Lyceum was visited by dr hab. Janusz Pezda, researcher and lecturer at the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University, expert in the history of the political movement centered around Fr. Adam Jerzy Czartoryski.

Our guest presented a lecture entitled “The Great Emigration and Thoughts on Independence”, colorfully describing to the audience the complicated fate of Polish emigrants in France after the defeat of the November Uprising. The following classes participated in the meeting: 3A / 2, 3C, 3E and 3F, who implement the history curriculum at the advanced level. At the end of the lecture there was a short scientific discussion.



On November 15, 2018, students in class 1a3 together with prof. Agnieszka Batko went to the US Consulate General to meet with Amy Steinmann, Consul for Press, Culture and Education. The visit was not only an opportunity to broaden the knowledge of American culture but also to get to know the offer addressed to enthusiasts of the English language and the United States.


“In the circle of avant-garde – the work of Maria Jarema” – entering the exhibition

On October 30, 2018, the students of Secondary School No. 6 participating in the competition “In the circle of avant-garde – the works of Maria Jarema”, under the supervision of the school coordinator, Izabela Żelazna, visited an exhibition devoted to Maria Jarema. The exhibition’s curator, Anna Batko, showed the artist’s biography, features of her work and connections with the Krakow avant-garde circle around the exhibition located in Cricoteka. The purpose of the exit was to prepare substantively for the next part of the competition – the performance of an artwork inspired by Jarema’s work.

This is how the output is described by Ida Stachura, a student in class 1a3, one of the contestants:

“Maria Jarema’s artistic output is not only graphics, painting and sculpture. Her passion for designing scenography, costumes and masks joined her with Tadeusz Kantor, a director active in Krakow. Together they founded the Cricot 2 theater. The exhibition we visited was opened on the hundredth anniversary of granting women’s rights election, as well as on the sixtieth anniversary of her death and the ninetieth anniversary of the artist’s birth, she presents Jaremianka’s post-war works. in life and in her work, she did not agree to compromise, she was referred to as a feminist, she stuck to her views. Her bold works were an inspiration for us. “

The results of the competition will be announced on November 25, 2018 during the official ceremony at Cricoteka.



Grade 3B during classes at the Jagiellonian University with an electron and confocal microscope



Lecture by Dr. hab. Jacek Nowak from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University

On November 21, 2018, the VI Lyceum hosted Dr. hab. Jacek Nowak from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University, who gave a lecture entitled “The formation and functioning of the nation”. The lecture was attended by classes 2C, 2E, 2F and 2G implementing the curriculum of knowledge about society at the advanced level. Our guest discussed the creation of nations, building a national community and the factors influencing its functioning. At the end of the meeting, there was a scientific discussion in which the debaters undertook, among others. the question of the identity of nations in the past and today and the problem of instrumental use of national symbols.

Class 2F during classes at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – 28/11/2018

On November 28, 2018, class 2F students participated in classes at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.


Krakow Badminton Championship – November 28, 2018

On November 28, 2018, the boys’ representation of High School No. 6 took part in the Krakow Badminton Championship as part of the Secondary School. Despite a fierce fight and good game, she did not manage to win a significant place.

In the photo from the left: Janek Jurek class 1a1, Maciek Kawa class 1f, Mikołaj Górecki class 1f.


International Conference “My Region- Yesterday and Today and Global Climate Change

Students of our school from class 3c: Agata Myszka, Adrianna Marszałek, Maria Antonina Bętkowska and Gabriela Majka represented the school and our city at the international conference – International Conference “My Region- Yesterday and Today and Global Climate Change” for Teachers and Students from Member Schools of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project on December 3, 2018 in Katowice, organized in connection with the UN Climate Summit COP 24.

During their speech, the students presented their own project on reducing smog in Krakow.


Distinction in the national competition – Youth Climate Message for the Future

Students of our school from class 3c: Agata Myszka, Patryk Brózda, Aneta Kapała, Maria Antonina Bętkowska, Adrianna Marszałek received a distinction (PLN 1000) in the national competition – “Youth Climate Message for the Future”




Two Riversides of the Vistula through the lens of prof. N. Pieszczyński – 4 December 2018




Visit to the US Consulate General

Youth from bilingual class 3a1 VI LO im. A. Mickiewicz in Krakow under the supervision of prof. E. Lubińska entered the condolence book of the 41st President of the USA, Georg H.W. Bush.

At the US Consulate, we were welcomed by the Consul General Dr. B. Bix Aliu.

Successes of the school choir

In November, the VI. A. Mickiewicz took part and received the following awards in competitions:

Distinction in the competition “Musical meeting with Kaczmarski and a patriotic song” organized by the Staromiejskie Centrum Kultury Młodzieży – 13.11.2018

1st place in the 3rd Choir Competition “Autumn Singing in Old Krakow” organized by the Comprehensive Music School of the 1st degree I. J. Paderewski in Krakow – November 17, 2018


The project We read and illustrate Pan Tadeusz – 10/12/2018

In two weeks – on December 24, we are celebrating the 220th anniversary of the birth of Adam Mickiewicz. “We read and illustrate Pan Tadeusz” is a project, through the implementation of which we want to celebrate the birthday of our bard, and at the same time emphasize that reading is important, and the fashion for reading is endless.

Our library promotes reading through various activities, including participation in the National Program for the Development of Reading, under which 530 copies of new publications were purchased last week

Pan Tadeusz is a timeless work known in many countries of the world. The poem has been translated into 33 languages, that is almost all European languages and most of the Far East languages.

On December 10, 2018, the project commencement ceremony took place.

Interesting editions of the work in foreign languages ​​were presented at the presentation prepared and prepared by prof. Jakub Trout.

In the background, you could admire artworks inspired by quotes from the books of Pan Tadeusz.

The illustrated part of the project was organized and conducted by prof. Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny.

All works will be presented at the exhibition.

Reading “Pan Tadeusz” was inaugurated by Ms. Alina Kamińska, a theater, film and television actress. Ms. Alina Kamińska has been associated with the Bagatela Theater for many years, she appears in cinema and TV films, in TV series, in entertainment programs, she also starred in performances for children at the Television Theater. She is a teacher of many documentaries and nature films, and is a voice in a number of computer games.

We listened to the Invocation in Polish performed by Aleksander Szewczyk and in four foreign languages:

English by Karolina Trela ​​and Damian Piwowarski,

French performed by Sylwia Odrobina and Daniel Gawlik,

German by Jan Niziurski and Weronika Cieśli

and Russian performed by Stanisław Czekawski

They read selected excerpts from “Pan Tadeusz”:

– Aleksandra Chojnacka, winner of the title of Master of Reading in the Małopolska Competition of Beautiful Reading in 2017

– Aleksander Szewczyk, laureate of the title of Vice-Champion of Reading in the Małopolska Competition of Beautiful Reading in 2018

– Karolina Sieniatycka from class 2d

– Maja Szczepankiewicz from class 2d

-Szymon Łopusiak and Krzysztof Setlak from class 2b

At the end, the scene of Farewell to Telimena and Tadeusz was presented by an extraordinary duo – Mr. Czesław Wróbel, Ph.D., and prof. Marlena Maciejewska

The ceremony was hosted by Karol Sala and Jakub Kulik

The continuation of the project began at 11.00 in classrooms and interdepartmental groups. In each room, fragments were read that formed a whole piece.


Agnieszka Kosiek

Maria Leśniak

Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny

Jakub Pstrąg




Congratulations to the scholarship holders of the Minister of National Education

Bartosz Biesiadecki

Oliwia Krzemień

Weronika Tupaj

received a scholarship from the Minister of National Education

for outstanding educational achievements

in the 2017/2018 school year


Volunteers visiting the presbytery

The cooperation between the volunteers from VILO and the BBC Pastor is very good. The former more and more often ask for various church needs and the Pastor feeds the students and makes sure that they do not lose their strength.


Interschool Badminton Tournament

November 27 this year an interschool badminton tournament was held at ComComZone.

Our school was represented by: Emilia Niedzielska, Joanna Pikus and Gabriela Frasik.

Tutor: A. Kudyba


High school in swimming

Representation of the VI High School in the composition of:

Emilia Kryus 3b, Zofia Garnek 3c, Jakub Łyczak 2d, Norbert Barczyk 3d (2nd place in the butterfly style),

Daria Szuba -Łata 1d (4th place in backstroke),

Marceli Jędryka 1d (3rd place in backstroke),

Wojciech Maćkowiak 1d, Natalia Kaszluga 1g2, Julia Szczurek 2f, Jacek Zeman 3a1, Paulina Gintowt 3e, Oliwia Jaworska 3i, Anna Paraniak 3i, Natalia Cichy 2a3, Mikołaj Górecki 1f, Krzysztof Grzybczyk 1f

participated on 11/12 this year. in high school in swimming.


We illustrate Pan Tadeusz – gallery of works

The photo gallery features photos of works made as part of the We Read and Illustrate Pan Tadeusz project.

Soon, the jury will evaluate the works and the authors of the best will receive diloms and awards.

The illustrated part of the project was organized and conducted by prof. Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny

The photos were taken by prof. Agnieszka Kosiek


The success of the VI LO volleyball players

The representation of volleyball players of the Secondary School No. 6 took the second place in the Santa Claus Tournament for the Cup of the Second District Council and the Director of the Secondary School No. 24 in Krakow.

Congratulations and we wish you continued success.

Composition of the representation:

Niedzielska Emilia, Pikus Joanna, Koczur Paulina, Kowalska Aleksandra, Sikora Karolina, Niedzielin Julia, Kasprzyk Gabriela.

The team’s guardian is Marcin Skoczeń.




Thanks to the generosity of students, parents and teachers, we were able to collect and purchase all the necessary products, including food, cosmetics, winter clothes, a bed, and baby products. The packages also included many other necessary things, of course sweets and toys.

On Saturday, December 8, on the final day of the campaign, we made every effort to finish the package with the last button. Then we took it to the warehouse, from where it went straight into the hands of the family.

Szlachetna Paczka in our school was a complete success – the recipients were very happy and grateful, the children were very happy to unpack, not to mention the contents of the holiday packages. The action would have failed, however, had it not been for the mobilization of the entire school community. We would like to thank all the donors and volunteers for the help and work put into preparing the package.



Giner de los Ríos – congratulations to Urszula Gonciarczyk

A student of our school, Urszula Gonciarczyk from class 2h, took 2nd place in the Polish National Literary Competition “Giner de los Ríos” for a short story in Spanish.

The competition was organized by the Office of the Counselor for Education of the Spanish Embassy. The prizes were presented to the winners by the Ambassador of Spain, Francisco Javier Sanabria Valderrama.


Charity campaign – Sandwich for PLN 1

This year’s school volunteering activities were crowned with a fundraiser for the “SANDWICH for a zloty” campaign.

Volunteers collected PLN 987.47. This amount (and even a little more than 1000 zlotys) contributed to the budget of the Kryvyi Rih parish in Ukraine, where the Missionary Missionaries of La Salette nourish the poor, pensioners, refugees and orphaned children.

We thank everyone who supported this noble work with their gift.

PE lesson on the ice rink

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, during the PE lesson with class 1A1A2, we went to the skating rink at the Krakow gallery. Despite the frost, we had a nice and active time, everyone finished the classes.


School Day – December 20, 2018

On December 20, 2018, we celebrated the School Day in the Kijów Centrum cinema.

We were honored with their presence:

Ms Anna Korfel-Jasińska, Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for Education and Sports

Mr. Łukasz Wantuch, Deputy Chairman of the Krakow City Council

Inspector Bożena Walczak, representing the Małopolska Superintendent of Education

Mr. Dr. Bix Aliu – Consul General of the United States in Poland

Professor Jacek Purchla Chairman of the Polish UNESCO Committee

Mrs. Anna Korfel-Jasińska, Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for education and sport, symbolically handed over the new banner of Secondary School No. 6 to the headmaster of the school, Mr. Czesław Wróbel.

The new School Banner is in the shape of a square. The reverse is red. Against this background, there is the national emblem – a silver and gold eagle with a head decorated with a golden crown facing right. Spread wings symbolize the pursuit of the highest flight, readiness to overcome obstacles and difficulties. Above the eagle is the inscription Rzeczpospolita Polska, and below two dates, the first 1918 is the date of independence, and the date 2018 is the date of the foundation of the flag for the 100th anniversary of independence.

The obverse is cornflower blue, like the color of flowers in the fields of Polish cereals. In the upper part there is the name of the school, ie VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow. The central part is a fragment of the portrait of Adam Mickiewicz, according to the portrait of Walenty Wańkowicz, Portrait of Adam Mickiewicz on Judah rock, probably established in the years 1827–1828. Below the portrait, the school’s motto taken from the Ode to Youth: You fly above the levels of youth, and information about the date the school was founded, i.e. 1902.

Then, the first-grade students took the oath as a banner of the school, joining the ranks of sixth graders.

The invited guests gave speeches.

We also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the bilingual section with English in our school.

A student of this section, Krzysztof Sącz from class 3A1, whose tutor is Ms Joanna Klaja, last year’s finalist of the English Language Olympics, delivered the Invocation of Pan Tadeusz in English.

Then we listened to a concert by the school choir.

Choir VI LO im. Adam Mickiewicz started its activity in September 2017 on the initiative of the director Czesław Wróbel. The choir’s conductor is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow – Mrs. Marta Krawczyk
In the current school year, the Choir won: a distinction in the Music Competition meeting with Kaczmarski and a patriotic song, and the first place in the 3rd Autumn Singing Choir Competition in Old Krakow.
The repertoire prepared for the gala was entirely in English for a reason. It is a tribute from the Choir towards the English section, which this year celebrates its beautiful jubilee.

We listened to:
1. Im singing in the rain – a song from the musical Rain song
2. Once upon a december – a song from the animated film. Anastasia
3. You raise me up – a song by the Secret Garden duo,

4. Bring me little water, Silvy is a traditional North American folk melody from the beginning of the 20th century
5. Lollipop Everlasting Song from 1958 by Julius Dixon and Beverly Ross

Part of the community of six are two extraordinary graduates of VILO anno domini 2018. Weronika Tupaj, a graduate of the bilingual section with English, the only high school graduate in Poland, who in May this year obtained 100% of all matura exams. In the first class, she became the Laureate of the Polish Language Olympiad, and in the third class, the winner of the 1st place in the Artistic Olympiad, and in each class, i.e. 1, 2 and 3 she received a school certificate with honors. Scholarship holder of the Prime Minister, scholarship holder of the Minister of National Education, scholarship holder of the Sapere Auso Foundation. Silver pen award winner. History of Art. With Cultural student at the University of Leeds

Katarzyna Czekaj laureate of the National Italian Language Competition – in 2018 winner of the 1st place, in 2017 winner of the 4th place, laureate of the Lesser Poland Competition on Knowledge about Italy and Italian, Katarzyna obtained 100% of all matura exams, apart from mathematics, and 90% of the matura exam in mathematics %, student of Italian philology at the Jagiellonian University.

Then, Mr. Marek Wasiak, President of the Management Board of the ALWAYS WORTH Foundation, took the floor and together with Mrs. Maria Waliczek – Chairman of the Foundation’s Program Council and also the President of the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, the sponsor of the awards, presented awards and a symbolic statuette of Swallows for the best high school graduate.

Mr. Czesław Wróbel, the headmaster of the secondary school, and Mrs. Joanna Rudnik – the chairman of the Parents ‘Council, handed out scholarships to our talented graduates, specially funded by the Parents’ Council of High School No. 6.

Michał Turcza, the President-Elect of the Students’ Self-Government, took an oath to all members of our school community

Mr. Czesław Wróbel, the school’s principal, handed over prizes to the laureates of school competitions:

Competition devoted to the life and work of Adam Mickiewicz – the patron of the Secondary School – this year, the laureates of the competition were students of class 1e: Tomasz Piegza, Aleksandra Owczarz, Natalia Izbińska

In the artistic category, the jury awarded works by Gabriela Woźniak from class 1c, Marta Kucza from class 1g2 and Robert Guniewicz from class 1g2

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence, the students of Secondary School No. 6 tested their historical knowledge in the competition “Reborn 1918-1939”. The winners of this competition were:

1st place Igor Dziedzic from class 3e

2nd place: Barłomiej Hałatek from class 1e

3rd place: Zuzanna Słobodzian from class 1b

distinctions: Łukasz Baran from class 3e
Hubert Cora from class 1g1
Aleksandra Janik from class 1f

PROSCENIUM Theater presented a performance entitled “Such were the games, disputes in those years …” – a performance inspired by Adam Mickiewicz’s “Pan Tadeusz”. Text adaptation and direction: prof. Marlena Maciejewska. Musical arrangement: prof. Katarzyna Płaza.

For many years, the School Patron Day has been graced with concerts of the orchestra and soloists of the State Secondary Music School Władysław Żeleński in Krakow. Our ceremony was graced by a concert of friends of VIO Liceum- Crazy Accordion Trio led by prof. Maciej Gładys !!!

The following songs took us to the magical land of music:

1. Avicii – Wake me up

2. Queen – Show must go on

3. Sting – Englishman in New York

4. The Beatles – Yesterday

5. Motion Trio – Balcan Dance

Christmas Party – 21.12.2018