Chronicle – school year – 2015/2016 – September and October

School year – 2015/2016 – September and October

Wishes for the New School Year 2015/2016

In the new school year, all students, parents, teaching staff and school employees

We wish you commitment and passion, success and satisfaction.

Students – energy and enthusiasm in acquiring knowledge, developing interests and shaping their characters on the threshold of adulthood.

Parents – many reasons to be happy about their children’s successes.

Teaching Staff – that professionalism and creativity in didactic and educational work bring professional fulfillment.

We wish the entire community of the Six to feel proud of the time spent in the school and to contribute to the tradition of the high school.


VI High School

them. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow


Brussels as a prize!

Piotr Regdos and the 5h students (our wonderful graduates) took part in an expedition to Brussels, which was the prize for taking the first place in the debate competition. During the trip, they visited Brussels and Bruges, got acquainted with the functioning of the European Parliament and tasted the specialties of Belgian cuisine – mussels with chips.

We encourage you to participate in the next debates – the awards are waiting!



discover Jiang Su 2015

China, which I visited in July as part of the Discover Jiansu program, left indelible memories. During the trip, I had the opportunity to meet new people from many different countries, with whom I am still in touch, and a culture completely different from anything I know. On the first day of the project, we saw modern Shanghai, then went to Suzhou, where we stayed at a hotel and attended classes. In the morning there were Chinese lessons, and in the afternoon we had workshops in groups. We got to know the elements of calligraphy, sewing, tai-chi, traditional dance and even fencing. It was the cultural activities that I liked the most, because thanks to them I could get to know the customs in China very closely. Suzhou is quite a poor neighborhood. There is terrible chaos in the streets. Though the cars and scooters that almost everyone owns honk all the time, the natives don’t seem to pay attention to them. We spent the last day of our stay with Chinese families. Everyone was very nice and extremely generous. What surprised me was that they were constantly taking pictures of us. As we walked down the street, everyone was watching us, which was a bit funny. After a week we went to Nanjing, where we mainly visited. We saw the Olympic museum, the Nanjing Massacre museum, many gardens and temples. Chinese cuisine, which I would like to mention, is a real adventure for a European – as you can guess, it is based on rice three times a day and is very good, although after some time some project participants began to miss “normal” food. All in all, I am very happy that I could discover Jiangsu and develop my skills in both Chinese and, of course, English.

Kornelia Król, class 2a1



Lecture by a linguist, professor Anna Bochnak from the Institute of Romance Philology at the Jagiellonian University

“Stand, lampshade, wardrobe, sauce and avant-garde, or borrowings from French in Polish” lecture by professor Anna Bochnak from the Institute of Romance Philology at the Jagiellonian University for groups teaching French.

On September 23, 2015, from 9.00 am to 10.45 am, the professor talked about the path taken by some of the over 1000 words to become part of the Polish language.



Małopolska Dictation of Independence – September 25, 2015

On September 25, the first stage of the third edition of the Małopolska Independence Dictation “In Polish about history” took place. The aim of the competition is to popularize historical knowledge. This year, the writers faced the text about the fate of artists after 1918. There was no shortage of difficult words (super comic, refugee, establishment, half Viennese …), puzzles related to the spelling of capital letters (Mała Ziemiańska, Qui Pro Quo …), not to mention punctuation. Despite a considerable challenge, 13 students crossed the magic threshold of 75% and have a chance to participate in the district stage. We assure you that we will keep our fingers crossed.

Congratulations for:

Weronika Tupaj, Paulina Habina, Kornelia Miziołek, Aleksandra Kiereś, Anna Kwiatek, Weronika Świerk, Aleksandra Krzanik, Magdalena Matusik, Dominika Dębowska, Zuzanna Dec, Joanna Krygier, Karolina Hakalla, Alina Romańska.

We would like to thank all participants and encourage them to participate in the next Polish and historical competitions.

Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny


that is the report from the return visits of the students of Secondary School No. 6 in Sorø Akademi

On Sunday, September 27, excited and impatient, we showed up for the collection at the building of High School no. VI, to depart towards Denmark at 10 pm. After a long and sleepless night on the bus, we got on the ferry in the German city of Rostock. After the ferry crossing and reaching the town of Sorø, we took a short walk around the Academy grounds, admiring its vast grounds and the lake. Then we went to the forester’s lodge, which was to become our home for the next week, to unpack and rest. After some misunderstandings, each assigned to their own room, eagerly fueled by the rumbling of bellies, we waited for the arrival of the Danes, who treated us to a wonderful dinner.

On Tuesday, after preparing delicious lunches at the academy, we headed for Copenhagen. During the sightseeing and cruise along the canals of the capital, we were accompanied by incredibly perfect weather, which was good from the beginning to the end of our visit to Scandinavia. In the capital, we saw all the places characteristic of this city, such as: the parliament, the palace of Queen Margaret II, her guards, the opera, the mermaid, as well as the newly built Black Diamond library and numerous cathedrals. In the evening, we met with the Danes to see what the Academy students’ quarters look like, and to spend a nice time walking and looking at the stars.

Wednesday was a day devoted only to visiting the Academy. As for its terrain, this is something to envy. After visiting the amazing Museum of Physical Instruments, we went to the Science Center which took everyone’s breath away. Surrounded by technical innovations such as: 3D printers and scanners, flight simulators, or the Wilson Chamber, i.e. a device showing cosmic rays, we were stunned. Later, after lunch in the academic canteen, we also visited other buildings such as the medieval church, the old library and the rooms in the main school building. During the day, we also had time to walk around the town of Sorø and visit the local art museum. After a short rest and a meal in the forester’s lodge, we returned to the Academy to learn the traditional dance of Les Lanciers. Having mastered three of its parts, tired but proud of ourselves, we could feel like real students of Sorø Akademi.

The next day was dedicated to visiting the former capital of Denmark – Roskilde. We saw the amazing cathedral that is the burial place of most Danish kings and queens. Then, while walking around the beautiful city, we went to the Viking Ship Museum. On the same day, we went to a gala dinner with the Rector of the Academy. Unfortunately, it was the last time we had the opportunity to talk to the Danes, and although we promised to stay in touch via the Internet, it was so difficult for us to part.

Friday was marked by midnight castles. We drove to the city of Helsingor where we visited the amazing Hamlet Castle – Kronborg. Then, we took the ferry to Helsingborg located in Sweden, on the other side of the strait. Unfortunately, only ruins remained of the twin castle, but the view from the top of its tower was unforgettable. Finally, we visited Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod, where we went for a walk in its picturesque gardens, some even took a bath in the fountain. All castles made an unforgettable impression on our group and many people admitted that it was their favorite day of departure.

We returned to Krakow, to the sounds of the song “Don’t worry, be happy”, very tired, but happy with the trip and sad that we had to leave this amazing country. Richer with unforgettable experiences and wonderful memories, we have come back to reality.

Students in class 2a1: Izabela Zientarska and Julia Musiał





Autumn Relay Race – 28/09/2015

We have the first sports success …

The new school year for High School no. VI started extremely well …

Autumn Relay Race – a bull’s eye!

VI High School for the first time in history took part in athletics competitions and immediately promotion to provincial competitions …


the school was represented by:

Figarska Zofia, Gąska Julita, Janas Julia, Kapała Wiktoria, Kapusta Angelika, Mordarska Jadwiga, Pisznot Małgorzata, Stępak Patrycja, Świda Aleksandra, Wolak Martyna, Wysocka Zofia, Zięba Sylwia

we thank the players and guardians – also the spiritual ones.



European Day of Languages – 26/09/2015

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, the European Day of Languages took place again, which we celebrated at the Cervantes Institute, in line with the VILO tradition.

Students from grades 1h1, 2h1,2h2, 3h1 helped as volunteers in language and culinary workshops and the city game, which took place as part of the program at the Cervantes Institute. Despite the unfavorable weather, there were many interested parties, we will definitely be back next year!




On October 4-9, students of our school took part in the NITOK project of the Erasmus + program. NITOK is an abbreviation of: National Identity and Tolerance in Olofstrom and Krakow. The main themes of the project are broadly understood national identity and tolerance.

During the project, students of High School No. 6 and Nordenbergsskolan from Olofstrom from Sweden participated in trips to Wieliczka, Oświęcim, city games and visits to the museum. Swedes learned about Polish culture and history, and Poles in April will have the opportunity to learn about the culture of Sweden. All this in order to answer the questions during the project – who we are, how tolerance or the lack of it can affect the identity of an individual and how to live in the modern world – so cosmopolitan on the one hand and full of fears and xenophobia on the other.

Project coordination: Anna Eastwood, Justyna Wieczorek


Biblical Gardens – lecture by Dr. hab. Eng. Zofia Włodarczyk – October 6, 2015

On October 6, in the auditorium of the Secondary School, we hosted Dr. Eng. Zofia Włodarczyk, an outstanding botanist, employee of the University of Agriculture. The speaker was invited by … a Polish teacher. Everything is explained by the interdisciplinary interests of our guest. Dr. Włodarczyk told grades 3c, 1c, 1e about Biblical Gardens and the symbolism of biblical plants. The lecture supplemented the Polish language lessons, where selected passages of the Holy Scriptures are discussed and the symbols, realities and nature of the Holy Land are highlighted. Our guest’s great achievement is the Biblical Gardens, established in Myczkowce, Proszowice (the first in Poland, established in 2008) and Muszyna, visited by numerous tourists from spring to autumn. Gardens are places where the events from the pages of the Bible are told through the plants planted in them – mentioned in the Bible. The natural environment (plants, desert, water …) is supplemented with elements of architecture, sculptures and spatial compositions. The doctor impressed the listeners with her knowledge and passion.

This meeting should be treated as an opportunity to learn more and an invitation to visit the unique places of the Biblical Gardens.

Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny



7th place VILO in the 10×1000 m relay race for girls in the provincial competition in Nowy Targ !!!

Today, seven is a lucky number for us 🙂

On 07.10.15 we were at the provincial track and field competition in Nowy Targ. 29 female teams started. The VILO team was placed in a select group just behind the highlanders and in front of High School No. 7, which is a big surprise, because we were behind them in the qualifying rounds.

Congratulations to our brave athletes 🙂




3h2 class on a trip to Warsaw – October 8-9, 2015

On October 8-9, 2015, a trip to Warsaw took place, in which students from class 3h took part with their tutors: prof. Małgorzata Michalska-Derlatka and prof. Anna Kwiecińska-Chmiel.

During the two-day trip, we visited Belweder Palace, Łazienki Park, the Royal Castle, the Stock Exchange, the Old Town, and took part in a museum lesson that took place at the Warsaw Uprising Museum.



Columbus Day – 13/10/2015

13.10. 2015 in our school there was a lecture in Spanish devoted to the Discovery of America. The lecture was given by the teacher of Spanish literature prof. Nayra Ramirez Peñuela, who could not miss, of course, students studying in the Spanish section of our high school. The lecture ended with a short competition in which the students could present their knowledge and receive valuable prizes.



Lecture by dr hab. Jacek Nowak from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University – October 16, 2015

On October 16, 2015, Dr. hab. Jacek Nowak from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University, who presented a lecture entitled “Social groups and communities”. The aim of the meeting was to familiarize the audience with the influence of factors such as culture on the creation and functioning of social groups and communities such as the nation. The meeting was attended by inter-departmental groups (classes 2G and 2H / 2) and class 2A / 2, which implement the program of teaching knowledge about society at the advanced level.


Meeting with young people from Dijon, France

Young French from Dijon, Burgundy, met on October 21 with the youth of High School no. 6 as part of an educational project on World War II. Aleksandra Gorczyńska, Julia Ślósarczyk, Ania Słomka, Marta Rejdych answered their questions in French.


English-language City Game

On October 28, second grade students took part in a city game organized by English teachers in the historic district of Kazimierz. Students in teams wandered the streets of this picturesque part of Krakow, looked at the map, UNESCO monuments and discovered history and interesting facts. The winning group has not yet been selected, but congratulations to everyone for active participation in this English-speaking event!

A. Eastwood