Chronicle – school year – 2014/2015 – May and June

School chronicle – 2014/2015 – May and June

The Four Elements in Geology project May 14, 2015

On May 14, 2015, students took part in another workshop as part of the “Four elements in geology” project, conducted by Dr. Agata Jurkowska from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The meeting was about air and covered such topics as aeolian erosion, the influence of oxygen content on the development of life on Earth, the origin of life on Earth. The workshops used binocular magnifiers, collections of fossils, rocks and minerals.

Already 30.05. 2015 we are going to field activities….

Congratulations on qualifying for the second stage of the TYGRZYK competition

Joanna Plis and Katarzyna Sadomska 2B1 qualified for the 2nd stage of the 8th TYGRZYK nature competition



We are very happy to announce that by the decision of the Jury (composed of: Agnieszka Rzepka-Basta – pedagogue, theater instructor, Krzysztof Grygier – actor, Bożena Krzyżanowska – actress), our School Theater Proscenium has been qualified for the Final of the Festival of Southern Polish School Theaters. Felicjan Dulski. Out of 50 entries from all over Southern Poland, 14 performances advanced to the finals, including “Melancholics and Demons” by our Proscenium Theater.

The final is on May 26. We keep our fingers crossed!

Historical circle on an unusual trip at the National Museum in Krakow – May 12, 2015.

A face of the museum you don’t know …

Thanks to the kindness of the management of the National Museum in Krakow, on May 12 this year, our school history club under the supervision of prof. Wojciech Rak had the opportunity to visit and get to know the Main Building of the museum from a side that is inaccessible to average visitors. Our trip started atypically – from entering the unloading ramp of cars bringing works of art to the museum. Then we walked through a network of winding underground corridors. During this trip we saw, among others air-conditioning system, heat distribution center, maintenance workshops, carpentry shop. Later, we visited a digitization workshop, whose employees take pictures of museum collections, thanks to which even people from the other side of the world can see them on the Internet. Another point of our visit was the variable exhibition room, where we watched the works during the preparation of the exhibition “Ottomania. The Ottoman Orient in Renaissance Art, which will be opened in June! The most exciting moment of our trip was the entrance to the roof of the museum, which offers a wonderful view of the entire panorama of Krakow. The last attraction was the exhibition “In the Dragon Space”, presenting exhibits of Chinese culture – incl. ceramics, woodcuts, fabrics and writing. We are glad that we had the opportunity to see the museum from a side that only a few can see, and we encourage you to join us and take part in further trips.


                                                                                            Karolina Mieszaniec, Aleksandra Rak, klasa 1a2

Exchange with Zaragoza – April 9-16, 2015

The first classes 1H1 and 1H2, a one-of-a-kind Spanish section, traveled to Zaragoza from 9 to 16 April 2015 to discover the secrets of this beautiful city. We struggled with both cultural differences and language barriers.

During this week, making international friendships, learning about cuisines, stories
and the traditions of our friends, we have managed to destroy our borders!

During the exchange, Spanish youth tried to organize their free time in accordance with our interests. Already on Friday we had the opportunity to get to know them a bit better during the Fiesta. During the following days, each of us spent our time differently. Some in the shopping mall – the largest in Europe, where, in addition to shopping, we could go climbing, surfing, or boating on the nearby ponds. Several of us spent free time with our families visiting Zaragoza and its museums. Especially noteworthy was the Goya Museum, where you could admire the painter’s famous prints. The rest of us – outside the city, visiting the surrounding sights such as Monasterio de la Piedra, Alquezar or in Catalan resorts. The morning hours spent on Spanish lessons were also extremely interesting, where we could see what the classes look like and take an active part in them. During the following days we visited the Muslim part of the city, including the partially preserved Aljafería Palace and the impressive La Seo Basilica. On a joint trip in the Pyrenees, we saw the medieval monastery of San Juan de la Peña. On the last day, we were able to see El Pilar, the main cathedral of the city related to the legend of Mary, which the apostle James saw on a pillar.

Thanks to this week’s adventure, we have plenty of memories that will remain for a long time
in our memory. And our friends come to us in September. We are waiting

Kalina Dębska1H2, Karolina Kwietniowska 1H2, Patryk Międlar 1H1


Congratulations to Aleksandra Gorczyńska from class 2A1

Aleksandra Gorczyńska from class 2a1 took first place in the Literary Competition for small literary form in French organized by the Scientific Circle of Romanists of the Institute of Romance Philology at the Jagiellonian University. The competition was to write a story in French.

Ola’s work was unrivaled!

0H1 and 0H2 classes on a language course in Salamanca – 04.2015.

In April 2015, students of 0H1 and 0H2 classes participated in a language course in Salamanca, under the supervision of Mrs. Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Mr. Paweł Przybyła and Mrs. Anna Kwiecińska-Chmiel. Students spent a week in Spain learning Spanish and learning about the culture, customs and traditions of Spanish


Awarding the prizes in the curatorial thematic competition for junior high school students Spain – country of contrasts – 14/05/2015.

May 14 was an extremely solemn day for all students of the Spanish language in our high school and in many lower secondary schools in Lesser Poland. Once again, the winners of the thematic competition for junior high school students “Spain – the country of contrasts” and the best students of bilingual classes from our school were awarded. The guests of honor at the ceremony were the Małopolska Deputy Curator of Education, Mr. Grzegorz Baran and the inspector Maria Marzec, representing the Małopolska Board of Education, and Mr. Joaquín Támara Espot, Education Counselor at the Spanish Embassy.

The Małopolska Thematic Competition was organized for the third time by the Małopolska Board of Education and Secondary School No. 6 under the patronage of the Office of the Counselor for Education at the Spanish Embassy. Year by year, the number of people entering this Competition increases, and the level of knowledge of the Spanish language and culture of its participants is increasing. This year, the title of laureate was won by 14 junior high school students. We hope that they will continue their adventure with Spanish and will soon join the group of high school students.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, the contribution of our school to the preparation and conduct of the Competition was also appreciated. Representatives of the Małopolska Board of Education officially thank the Management and the team of Spanish language teachers who prepared sets of competition questions.

The Spanish Ministry of Education for its part awarded, as every year, the best students of bilingual classes with the Spanish language. The prizes were presented by Mr. Joaquín Támara Espot, Education Counselor at the Spanish Embassy. This year, the best results were achieved by the following students: Sara Kolańska, Katarzyna Borowiec, Anna Frączek, Karolina Kwietniowska, Agnieszka Twardosz, Sandra Hudzik, and Paulina Dąbrowa.

Congratulations to all winners !!!

Traditionally, on this occasion, students of the introductory classes had the opportunity to make their debut on the school stage and put into practice the language skills acquired during several months of study. As usual, it turned out that bilingual classes are a mine of talent. In the short program, the students presented their dancing, vocal and theatrical skills. Certainly, the most amused audience was the humorous version of the biblical story about Adam and Eve, “La torta que puso Adán”.

Once again, it turned out that the Spanish language has an increasing number of supporters, and that more and more students feel true pasión por el español.


On May 18, 2015, the volleyball team of the VI High School took part in the finals of the World Championships (ł) organized by the Pedagogical University as part of the Science Festival in Krakow – Enlighten yourself! The tournament was held in Kraków Tauron Arena.
Our volleyball players qualified for the finals after previous, fierce qualifying rounds (they were placed second in their group, behind the XXIV High School – the later winners of the tournament, and before High School No. 1, High School No. 13, and Second High School No.
In the match for 3rd place, the volleyball players of the VI LO faced the representation of the VII LO.
After a fierce, very emotional fight, played with the support of our fans and Dr. Czesław Wróbel, Director of High School no.

The cup, medals and awards were presented to our volleyball players by Piotr Gruszka, an outstanding volleyball player, multiple Polish representative.

The 6th High School team was represented by: Sandra Ropek (captain), Angelika Kapusta, Anna Mordarska, Wiktoria Włodarczyk, Aleksandra Rybi, Patrycja Leśniak, Magdalena Kwinta, Natalia Mojsilović, Martyna Miernik, Karolina Kurek, Klaudia Łudzik, Majka Opalska.

The team’s coach is Marcin Skoczeń, MA.






We are very happy to announce that on May 26, by the decision of the Jury (composed of: Agnieszka Rzepka-Basta – pedagogue, theater instructor, Bożena Krzyżanowska – actress, Krzysztof Grygier – actor), our School Theater Proscenium won the 1st PRIZE in the Festival of Southern Polish School Theaters. Felicjan Dulski. Out of 50 entries from all over Southern Poland, 14 performances advanced to the finals, including “Melancholics and Demons” by our Proscenium Theater.

This is another great success of our theater this year, earlier it won the Youth Theater Presentations and won the Bronze Chochoł at the XXXV Małopolska Youth Art Festival (FAM).

The play “Melancholics and Demons” directed by Marlena Maciejewska was attended by: Bartosz Leszczyc-Zielonacki, Julia Kołodziej, Zofia Mikołajska, Magdalena Bobrek, Julia Gagaczowska, Kalina Dębska (this time also accompanying the piano), Joanna Krawczyk, Oliwia Żmijewska, Agnieszka Karska , Julia Musyl, Piotr Regdos, Mikołaj Bujak, Maria Kmak and Kasia Lipińska.


80th anniversary of the death of Marshal Józef Piłsudski on May 25, 2015.

The flagship group of the VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow, consisting of Rafał Krumpholz, Kamila Leszczyńska and Kamila Ptak, participated in the ceremony “In memory of Marshal Józef Piłsudski on the 80th anniversary of his death”, which took place on May 26 (Tuesday) 2015, from 11.00 – 14.00. The ceremony began with a short conference at the Krakow City Hall, in the Debate Room, pl. All Saints 3, followed by the march of flagship schools’ post offices along Grodzka Street to Wawel. In the square in front of the church of St. Idzi, a short patriotic and artistic celebration was held by the ALBERINUM and Edward Wilhelm Jankowski Choir – the “Logos” Word Theater, and then flowers were laid on the grave of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in the Crypt under the Silver Bell Tower.

Mr. Aleksander Palczewski, the Małopolska Superintendent of Education, honored the flagship group of our school with a diploma for participating in the ceremonial celebrations of Polish historical anniversaries.

Guardian of the flagship post office: Elżbieta Smak, MA

Historical trip to Budapest and Vienna

Students of humanities classes visited two European capitals during the weekend in May. Budapest and Vienna made a great impression on us, despite the continuous rain. We started our trip by visiting the Orava Castle. Then, after a long journey, we drove to Budapest, where we spent 2 days. The third day was devoted to sightseeing in Vienna. Unfortunately, the rains did not stop, but the numerous attractions and beautiful monuments allowed us to forget about rain and wet clothes

A journey to the heart of the mountains – May 28, 2015

On May 28, 2015 at 7:15 am, we, students of class 2G and 2F, set off on a trip to Zakopane under careful supervision:
– Professor Izabeli Klec
– Professor Monika Nowicka
– Professor Wanda Sułkowska
-priest Jarosław Klimczyk.
The journey by coach took less than two hours. When we arrived at the Jana Pawła II roundabout, our guide, Anna Marasek, was waiting for us. Together with her, we started our mountain adventure.


A trip as part of the project Four elements in geology – 30/05/2015.

On May 30, 2015, students took part in a field trip organized under the project: Four elements of geology. The classes were conducted by: Agata Jurkowska (AGH) and Michał Stachacz (UJ)

The route of the trip: Krakow – Rzezżuśnia – Gołuchów – Borzykowa – Zwierzyniec – Gacki – Krakow.

During the trip, we were at the bottom of the Jurassic and Cretaceous seas, which covered the area of today’s Miechów Trough, and we got acquainted with the Miocene deposits in the northern part of the Carpathian Foredeep. The classes were palaeontological. The participants collected a lot of fossils.

Another trip will take place on June 20, 2015 (Krakow – St. Anne’s Mountain – Przeworno – Jegłowa – Przemiłów – Sobótka – Krakow)

Tutor: Izabela Klec, MA






Meeting with Andrew Keogh and Sonja Larson

On Tuesday, May 26, second grade students had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the charity HCPT during a meeting organized by Mrs. Eastwood with Andrew Keogh and Sonja Larson.

The meeting was held in English, the students took part in language workshops, listened to the international choir created by Sonja, but most of all they discussed volunteering in Poland and abroad. It was very interesting!

If you would like to learn more about the HCPT organization in Poland and around the world, see here:


The fate of Poles in Siberia

This year’s edition of the National Competition The Fate of Poles in Siberia has come to an end. There is only a ceremonial ending ahead of us, the awarding of prizes to the best participants who will visit Krakow on June 15 and 16. Works were submitted in five categories: art, literary, history, poetry and multimedia. Junior high school students were more active than high school students, who performed 198 works (171 individual and 27 team works). The art category turned out to be record-breaking. 114 authors assessed their sketches, drawings, paintings, graphics … The variety of techniques appealed to the jurors, who decided that the level was high. Unfortunately, over a dozen works in various categories were rejected because they did not meet the statutory requirements. I want to express my appreciation to the participants – being interested in a difficult historical topic requires wisdom, maturity and passion. Congratulations to the winners, I wish everyone success!

The jurors were: Michał Baca, Grażyna Fall, Grzegorz Harabasz, Anna Hejczyk, Michał Karcz, Justyna Kobus, Justyna Kuśnierzowska, Marlena Maciejewska, Jakub Pstrąg, Wojciech Rak, Mariusz Solarz, Wanda Sułkowska, Alicja Śmigielska, Justyna Wieczorek, Izabela Żelazna. I would like to sincerely thank all colleagues, colleagues from our high school, employees of the Center for the Documentation of Deportations, Expulsions and Resettlements for their commitment, professionalism, for their time and supporting me in my difficult work.

Teresa Lityńska-Konieczny

Chairwoman of the National Competition Commission


Nowa Huta on shoes. Following the trail of Krakow’s socialist realism – May 27, 2015

On May 27, 2015, over 120 students participated in a field game devoted to the turbulent history of Nowa Huta. The organizers of the project were the Board of Education in Krakow, the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow. History of Nowa Huta Department, VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. A. Mickiewicz in Krakow and the Polish Historical Society, Branch in Krakow. The undertaking, however, would have failed, had it not been for the help and lending the facility to the Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland (in the organization). This time, the idea behind the project was to combine difficult moments in the history of this district of the city with anecdotes and memories of residents who remember the Lenin Monument, meetings in Empik on the Central Square, or the heroic attitudes of members of underground organizations in Nowa Huta. The official opening and commencement of the project was performed by: Mrs. Wanda Brześcińska, Deputy Director of the Pedagogical Supervision Department, Mr. Michał Niezabitowski, director of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Mr. Professor Krzysztof Zamorski, president of the Krakow branch of the Polish Historical Society. The realities of the People’s Republic of Poland were introduced to the participants by dr hab. Zdzisław Zblewski. The information obtained helped the students in their struggle with the individual points of the city game. The first was a bunker located under the former Światowid cinema, from where the groups then set off towards Plac Centralny, where the competition began. A cold day did not interfere with this walk, and the competition turned out to be very fierce.


Congratulations to Katarzyna Sadomska from 2B1

Katarzyna Sadomska 2B1 qualified for the 3rd stage of the 8th TYGRZYK nature competition

Tutor: Izabela Klec


A 2A2 class trip to Prague

Our trip to Prague took place on June 1-3, 2015. Together with the tutors, prof. Wojciech Rak, Fr. Jarosław Klimczyk and prof. Agata Jaszczur we visited the capital of the Czech Republic, one could say from the inside out. First things first…

We left Dajwór Street in the morning of June 1. We were there around 4 p.m. and immediately went to visit the center of Prague – we saw the market square, Józefów streets, Wenceslas Square and all the most important places, and then we went to the hotel, where we were welcomed with a warm meal.

On the second day we went by coach to Hradčany, a city district on the other side of the Vltava River. We visited the courtyard of the royal castle, the cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral and we looked into the Władysławowo hall and the Prague defenestration room. Our guide also took us to the Wallenstein Garden, in whose palace is today the Senate of the Czech Republic. The next point was the famous Charles Bridge, through which we walked back to the Old Town to return to the hotel.

On the third day we saw Visegrad with the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul and the rotunda of St. Martin. It was the last point of our trip.

I think that each of us is happy with the trip, as we could see a lot of places in the beautiful city of Prague, and the weather was good for us. We will all definitely remember her fondly.

Bartek Basista


Lecture by dr hab. Zdzisław Zblewski from the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University – June 11, 2015

On June 11, 2015, the VI Lyceum hosted dr hab. Zdzisław Zblewski from the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University, who gave a lecture entitled “The Decline of PRL – The Last Decade”. The meeting was attended by grades IA / II and 2A / II who implement an extended history curriculum.

Organizer: Dr. Marcin Sokalski